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Residential amenities in these new developments have supersized along with real estate prices, going far beyond the typical gym or concierge service. They’re boasting resort-like features that blur the line between a luxurious vacation and everyday life, so that residents need never leave the building, like bars and restaurants and spas for humans and pets alike. But tower-dwellers can still go outside and have plenty to do on rooftop beaches with pool cabanas, observatories, and outdoor kitchens.

Prestige Jindal City Amenities  and Prestige Park Square Amenities

The lowest-priced properties of the buildings featured here are studio apartments going for nearly half a million dollars, and prices soar way up into the millions from there. See what special features are included.

The concept of apartment dwelling units is largely prevalent across tier I and tier II cities in India. The 4 metros Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata were the forerunners in this concept and from late 1980s most othertier I cities witnessed a flurry of activity in this segment. In cities where land was getting more and more expensive with each passing day, it was expected that by going vertical residents will enjoy more breathing space and better comforts from common amenities provided by apartments. With the passage of time, more and more people migrated into the thriving metros in search of work.

The resulted in a large number of apartments coming up in literally every inch of space available in the popular metros. Once the demand for apartments caught up, many of the features that attracted home buyers have been diluted and concrete jungles have virtually invaded the landscape of what were once adorable cities in India. Bangalore, in modern times is an outstanding example of the impact of apartments on the ecological balance of the city. In this backdrop, let us consider the 10 must-have amenities in your apartment.

Lung space

The very purpose of choosing a vertical dwelling unit is to have better lung space compared to independent homes or row houses where the neighbouring properties often interfere with free flow of air around your apartment complex. Modern apartments are offered without common walls which mean that you have all the three sides open to air. Absence of common walls also offers you greater privacy.

Power back up

The power scenario in most metros leaves a lot to be desired and if you have chosen an apartment in the higher floors, power disruptions can be a huge pain in day-to-day living. Elderly people will find it extremely difficult to negotiate the stairs every time there is a power failure. Before choosing an apartment, pay attention to this aspect and ensure that a power back up is available to service the lifts as well as lighting in your apartmentand in common areas.

Coveredparking is another important issue while choosing apartments. If you have more than one car in the family, check out if additional parking facility is available and if yes, at what cost. Parking your car in unprotected areas is fraught with great risk and would hinder your peace of mind inside your apartment.

Drinking water

Some apartment complexes do not provide piped drinking water for every dwelling unit. Builders initially supply bottled water on the promise that water supply arrangement is in progress. But, once you start living in your apartment, many builders are adept at playing the vanishing trick and you could be left in the lurch. Having to fetch drinking water from the ground floor every day is not a great idea. Ask the lady of the house and she will tell you how painful it is.

Apartment living is distinct from traditional independent houses or row houses. The main entrance to your apartment remains closed all the time and so also with other apartments on your floor. Without security personnel regulating the movement of people into and out of the apartment complex on a 24×7 basis, your life and property could be at risk.

Play area for kids

Children cannot remain closeted in limited space for long hours. Free movement and physical activity is critical for their comprehensive growth. Unless the apartment you choose is exclusively meant for senior citizens, this is an important aspect you should consider while examining your apartment.

In the Indian context, balconies are very important for a number of reasons. Balconies have extensive use for activities like washing clothes, vessels, drying clothes, growing plants and creating some minimum greenery and even relaxing during the evenings. Larger balconies are always desirable compared to tiny extensions in the name of balconies.

Power transformer

Your apartment should have an independent power transformer to ensure that the heavy load consumed by the apartment complex does not go to a common transformer at the street corner. In most cities the electricity board insists on this before providing power connection to the apartment complex. But, it helps to check out and confirm.

Work out space for elders

Some form of physical exercise is fast becoming a norm for most middle aged people. The work place stress is compounded by the maddening traffic conditions which are only getting worse by the day. Many modern apartment complexes have added this as a new amenity and you would do well to tune in with this.

Terrace rights

The terrace is the only place where you can have small occasional gatherings. In some apartment complexes, the builders cleverly add what is known as ‘pentahouse’ denying you this all important amenity. Apart from gatherings, many households need the open space for other domestic needs, taking a stroll during the evenings and more.

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