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Website designing and Development Singapore


Pinata is  website designing,company placed in Singapore offering various services such as website designing , website development  , SEO, E-commerce in singapore , Mobile application developments,  etc.  Pinata arranges the inventive and Technological ability for the arrangement and use of creative websites.Pinata's top need is to convey heavenly webpage arrangement. The Various exquisite features offered by Pinata includes:

  •  Pinata.llax
  •  Quote
  •  Particles
  •  Beacons

For new innovative purposes and ideas as explained below :-

Pinata.llax for - pinata.llax reacts to the orientation of your smartphones and tablets, offsetting layers depending on their depth within the scene. If you don’t have a smart device, fret not as pinata.llax will also work using the position of your cursor. that is exquisite website development for mobile and tablets, e-commerce ,seo website design, etc

Pinata Quotes for :- Quotes foe estimation of how much an app development or website development will charge based on the requirements and thus knowing beforehand the price and cost with full transparency.

Pinata Particles for :- The screen nteracts with the mouse click as well as the hold

Pinata Beacons :- It is for improving customer interactions with these diiferent feartures that makes Pinata stand out of the crowd -

  • Maintained on secure Cloud - All your offers information are stored on the Cloud and backed up regularly.
  • Maximize Wi-Fi
  • iBeacons will expand your advertising spaces to all floor space covered by your WiFi range.
  • Low maintenance
  • Offers are easily updated via the Web, resulting in much lower maintenance cost. Aside from that, offer updates are immediate.
  • 25-50m range
  • The range per beacon is 25-50m, each beacon can potentially cover 2500m2 of floor space.
  • Supported by Apple products and most Android phones
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is used by the iBeacons, which is supported by all Apple products and most of the smartphones available (30% of all Android models)



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