Sobha Dream Acres The Affordable Apartments In Bangalore

Sobha Dream Acres is an upcoming residential project that is being currently developed in Bangalore. This amazing housing project is exactly what the doctor has ordered for you after a toiling day. If you would love to live in a place that is close to nature, where there is a lot of greenery and fresh air, and the scenic ambience of which place soothes your soul making you feel refreshed and rejuvenated again, then Sobha Dream Acres is the place that you should ideally come to.    

One of the best features of PreLaunch Sobha Dream Acres is that it is located at Panathur Road in the city of Bangalore. So if you want to live in a place that has a quieter ambience and comes with the fresh air that is bound to do good to your health, then Sobha Dream Acres is the ideal place to be in. The housing project blends a host of modern amenities with an old world charm to create a living environment that is going to find favor with everyone. The project offers 1 BHK and 2 BHK flats. Beside the apartments themselves, the project also comes with a brilliant landscaping garden that allows you to relax and refresh all your senses. You can take your morning jogging sessions around the park or simply stroll around it any time of the day you want. Moreover, the housing project also comes with a wide range of highly functional amenities. So let’s have a look at the various amenities this project has to offer.

Sobha Dream Acres Amenities

Sport amenities

Sobha Dream Acres knows how sports activities can play a major role in keeping you physically and mentally active. For this reason, the experts at Sobha Dream Acres have made arrangements for the following types of sports activities for you:
·        Basketball
·        Table tennis
·        Billiards
·        Wall climbing
·        Skating rink
·        Bowling alley
·        Putting green  

Health activities

Besides mainstream sporting activities, there is also a range of other health activities that can you can be a part of when you are at Sobha Dream Acres. So for all serious health buffs, Sobha Dream Acres brings the following cool amenities:
         Yoga hall
·        Meditation space
·        Acupressure walk
·        Gymnasium
·        Nordic walking track
·        Sauna
·        Covered pool
·        Jogging


When it comes to a healthy mind and body, relaxation plays a very important part. Check out the various relaxing avenues that Sobha Dream Acres has to offer.
      Herbal garden
·        Rock garden
·        Children’s park

Apart from the various amenities discussed above, Sobha Dream Acres also offers a number of value added amenities as well. Here is a look at the various additional amenities this housing project has to offer.
          Departmental store
·        Laundry
·        Library
·        Business center
·        Wi-Fi club house
·        Plenty of parking space
·        Advanced security systems


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