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The Window View

Few days ago, I visited a house of a doctor, very experienced and old. He is now retired and works as a guest faculty for a medical college. If I am stressing on his experience and retirement, I need not specifically mention about his financial status! This is the first time I visited his house. One of the most beautiful and well sketched houses that I have ever seen, more beautiful than the ones I came across in Kerala! It is a big one with the doors about 10 feet high, giving the royal essence to the entrance. A duplex with 5 bed rooms and an additional guest room. I probably had the luck to have a look at the entire house. I took about 1 hour to view the house. Of this one hour, the most beautiful setup I found was their personal bed room. Need not mention about the interiors incorporated there, but surely have to spare some words for the bed! There is a huge window. Attached to it is a 6X6 measured construction with a mattress fixed on it. The wall comprised of a column to hold w

Mood Charger

What is the feeling that strikes your mind as soon as you enter your home? A pleasant and relaxed one right! Well, here are few tips to improve your feel and serve as mood boosters. Let the representations of life, like few plants be a part of your drawing room. This helps to feel attached to nature. Aquariums also follow the path. Don’t let too much geometry to occupy the sight of your eyes. Let it be as simple as possible. Keeping away the curtains or preferably using transparent material for this purpose allows the entry of natural light into the room. Having a bit darker  colors  in your room is preferable. It is a known fact that  colors  have an effect on the state of human mind. Pink gives a cheering sense and blue clams down the mind. Let your home be lit with bright lights. Who would like to enter a dull or dim house with little light? Let your house not be a place of that type. After all, it’s your house and you need to stay in it for good amount of time. Let it be as

Kid's Room

There exist at least few moments in life when we think “I want to be a kid!” True in fact. The best life, free from responsibilities and burdens. Well, getting to the point, many people crack their minds on how to design their children’s room. In the most productive age, the room should be as creative as possible to encourage them in versatile ways. The development of brain crop up in childhood. All the inclusions of the room should boost up their brains. Make is as  colorful  as possible, not weird of course! It helps them to keep their mind away from dull moods. Let the ceiling fan and walls of the room have the sketches of their  favorite  animae. Include the study table that is most compatible with them. Prefer an air conditioner to ensure comfort while doing their work. Coming to the bed, let it be of a cool design. Bed in the format of a car, house etc. are some suggestions. Have the matrices and pillows softer. Fill the room with toys and games that may require both physical


Imagination has no bounds. Let your feet touch the ground when your mind’s eye sees the sky. It is legitimate to fix your targets and aim high. But, it is not preferable to expect profligately from what you do. Yes! You do it, you do it to your full potential, have affirmative anticipation of the result of your hard work. You need to live in reality and budget yourself for it. Well, let’s get to a house you want to own in future. Every soul wants to live in a big and expensive house with marked interiors. And you plan your job and salary according to that. Life is not a bed of roses right! If anything goes wrong or out of way, it doesn’t stand on your path. You need to align yourself to the situations and behave accordingly. You may have to compromise on the type of dwelling you have to live in, but, it’s OK! It’s only for some time. All you need to keep in mind is sketch your budget wisely depending on the present situations not that of past and future. You could always find the h

It's Bangalore!

On an argument with my sister few months ago, I was trying to emphasize the necessity of further studies after completing her B.E in C.S stream. But, she was least bothered to pin her ears back on me. Trying to figure out the reason, I asked her idea which heartened her to crave for a job but not M.S. Having got a placement in Bangalore with a decent package, she wanted to settle there. But, of course a common problem, her boy friend! Fortunately, her man too is placed there. What else could this be other than a chance to enjoy her life to the fullest? Bangalore, her favorite place for its cool climate is really exciting. And now, she is in the IT Company with her husband and a 2BHK apartment that accommodates their love. They are on the 16th floor and have to admit the prettiness of the place and the view from the window is awesome. Don’t you wish to spend at least some part of your life in such a lovely place?

My dream home

Have you ever imagined about the type of habitat you wanted to live in? Yes, right! I did too. Well, I was an aficionado of houses. It is a heart throbbing experience to watch all those beautiful dwellings standing out there. On my trip to Kerala, I came across so many which come under this category. When all my friends were on their edge to enjoy with friends, I was one sitting at the window of the bus watching all the picturesque views. In fact, my brother promised to gift me a house in Kerala, if I had a simple register marriage! All I need is a cute home, undoubtedly a life-size one with a spacious lawn running in front of it. A modernized  kitchen with center  part of the house open to the sky, seeming like the traditional country side houses right! A badminton court pointed at a corner of the lawns and satisfactory number of trees that fetches good air all the time. Preferably a sports car parked in front of it, the parking should be well sketched. With a deep eye on the in

Be Eco-friendly

Have you ever posed a question to yourself “Am I eco-friendly?” Well, I don’t ask you to stop driving your vehicles and ban the play of current in your house. But, yes! You could surely contribute to nature with certain amendments to your home. How many units of power do you use at your home daily? It deeply exploits the nature during its production. It shoots your current bill too! We are making the Earth almost vacant with all the mining that we do. Future generation are under a threat already. Why not we shift our focus to sun? Well, the idea is to follow Modi ji and start employing solar power for our utilities. It is a field that is showing rapid betterment. Researchers are depositing their full efforts to improve the life span of the panels. If some part of your roof is covered with few panels, it’s not going to make much difference or disrupt you right! Not actually, it does make a difference. Most of the power consumed is from the solar source, which cuts down your power bi


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