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Always dreamt of a gigantic house to live in? Have a lump sum and want to own a house that depicts your status? Are you with a decently good salary and want to own a house for your joint family? Want to have a kind of farm house for recreational purposes? Well, if you are in agreement with any of the previously seen questions, the right and the best answer is a Villa. And if you choose to get into a villa, nothing sounds better than Puravankara Bird of Paradise. With an intention to reach the expectations and necessities of individuals, we present the pre-launch of Puravankara Bird of Paradise. With a whopping area of 3600 Sqft, Villas in it are planned with 5 bed rooms. Placed in one of the most convenient locations in Bangalore, each cost 230.04 Lakhs with is not considered expensive for the amenities provided. Amenities include open air theater, medical center, play school, walking paths and many more. The improving techniques of eco-guarding are no less. Rain water harvesting is

Family Time

How long has it been since you had a few hours spent solely with your family members. Well, everyone is busy in their career and earning. But, family plays an important role in your career too. Spending a little time on regular basis not just keeps them happy but also boosts your peace of mind. You can plan a holiday, watch a movie, and have your meals together, have a small party or just have a chit chat with all. Everyone likes to enjoy right! You can also share your work at home for a day or two like cleaning the house, decorating the interiors or going on shopping to buy something for your house. This is absolutely affordable right! For that little time be a family person out of all office tensions. This is what transforms your house to “home”. You may be rich enough to buy a house and furnish it well. But, to make the house complete, you need your family right!

Paint it

It’s been long since you got your house painted? Bought a new house? Well, this is going to be an important task to be accomplished. Once you are done with making the choice of the colors, you can go ahead! But, opting the colors is not going to be your left hand game. You should be willing to choose pleasant and light colors for the bed rooms. A bit of darker shade works fine with the drawing room. Are you planning out for plain walls? It is no more accepted a really good one! Get designed walls. Get sketched your favorite designs and let your house depict you. The drawing room can have some cool designs like a tree or few birds or a little scenery. Kids’ room would be good with some animals and a jungle look on the wall. You can have a concept of Valentine’s Day in your bed room. Kids’ room can also have some inspiring quotes outlined. Or you could try out this! Have a good photo of your family at the center of the wall and have some design around it that high lights the photo

The Flaming Sun

We are facing the smoldering sun as peak temperatures have been attained in some locations. In my place, the temperature has cleared its current bound of about 50 degrees. Not just the sun tan but dehydration and heat strokes have become quite common. No one is willing to survive without an air conditioner at least for half of the day. So, you will surely be having air conditioners in every room or a centralized system. Well, it’s fine. People prefer to stay indoors during day time to protect themselves from the heat. But, have you ever thought why such situations are occurring? Don’t you think it’s just because of us? At least now, we can try not to worsen the situation. Use the air conditioners only when necessary. Use public transport which not only protects the environment from pollution but also you from the heat outside. It’s nothing but being a little Eco friendly. And not just that, you need good connectivity to public transport facilities. This would be very helpful. Do you

The Horticulture Show

       If you are a lover of nature or flowers, seeing the word horticulture flashes good imagination of beautiful plants and colorful flowers. Well, I visited a horticulture show in the morning, arranged by the Department of horticulture of the state government. The models of the equipment and arrangements for growing plants in green house as well as in pots were exhibited. In addition to this, volunteers over there helped the visitors to understand the techniques required to grow all types of plants at home. The extra ingredient required at home was a little compost. This show was accompanied by a mango festival. The smell itself attracted buyers! Moreover, they were organic fruits. Over there, techniques for growing organic fruits and vegetables at home were also explained.        If you own a house, you are not going to leave it without at least some plants right! Growing the plants using these horticulture and organic procedures will be a great one. Find the best practices fo

Marble as your flooring?

Whether you own a house or going to own one, you have an interesting decision to make about your house, the flooring. I am sure every house needs one! The most popular flooring used now a days in the apartments as well as villas is the white marble flooring. Well, the look of it is to be admired. It presents an elegant look to the house not just because of its color but also because of its texture. White marble also fits in the budget and works out with your pocket. Looking only on the bright side of anything is not good right! On the dark one, let’s also talk about the cons of it. If some colorless liquids like water or so fall on it, it is never visible and may lead to slipping at the spots. Any scratches while dragging heavy objects gets dust accumulated in them and don’t give a neat look and make it untidy. If the corners are not taken care, the white marble appears brown. If you are confident enough that you can take care of all this, you can have the white marble. If not, the


Well, deciding to own a house and invest a ransom sum on it is not a small thing. Once you have already done that, you may have a whole lot of choices to make for the new house and the facilities you want from it. One of the major things is the number of bed rooms you want in your house. This would be the basic criterion when you start searching for a house as they are compartmentalized based on area and the number of bed rooms. Most popular are the 2BHK-4BHK. It’s like they cut down your choice to a very little number and you have to choose among the three or four alternatives available. I know it’s still difficult to do it. Just sit and think of the people going to stay in that house. If you are a sweet small family of 3-4 members, a 3BHK would do well with you. If you are a family with more than 4, you need to upgrade to a 4 or 5 BHK. If you feel you will always have guests at every point of time in the year, you need to have a bit of thought for them also!   If you make your

That Old style!

Yet, it’s the start of my summer vacation and I am with by brother who is also in his vacation. We are bored to tears and had no clue what to do for a too long vacation of 2 months. We sat up and decided on a plan. We would start watching all the epic and master pieces of the old black and white films. As planned, we had a start and watched two of them today. Well, the content of the movies is to be accepted that they are the jewels of Indian cinema. And as usual the houses of the hero and heroine were one of the topics of our discussion. Them being rich, the houses were too big and each was a duplex. The remarkable point is the house center  which had a square area open to sky. It probably provides the best ventilation and natural lighting. The interiors were greatly designed but were not gaudy. It gave a decent appeal and the appearance seemed pretty. The top floor was a kind of pent house in front of which is a cement constructed table and chairs, around which beautiful bonsai pla

Three major factors

Most of the people wo uld like to invest their savings in some profitable alliance or in gathering some assets. The one that grabs major attention is to invest in housing. Having quite good enough accommodation for yourself and your family, you may like to own a new house as a solid asset and open it to people on a rental basis. If you are having such an idea, then you are at the right place. While doing this, you need to concentrate on three major factors so that you may not feel bad of it in future. They are price, location and size. You need to choose a house that not only fits your budget, but also should fit that of a tenant who would stay in that house in future. If it is too costly, it would have higher rent and obviously tenants may show less interest. Secondly, the location. People prefer to hire an accommodation that is most accessible to all the amenities and that is near to their work place. You need to choose a location such that it is at a closer distance to a goo

Morning Walk

Well, I am not a fitness freak or health maniac who would start off their healthy day with a morning walk. When I don’t do it, how could I tell it to you? Then wondering what the next few lines are about? Just that today is the last day in college and I am starting off to home today for a long vacation of about 3 months, I and my hang out batch of friends had a walk in the morning from our college to a nearby place for breakfast 3 KM away. On the way, we had to cross a village. We set off at 6.30 in the morning (too early for us actually!) and when crossing the village, every one of us were able to experience the essence of nativity in nature, green fields on both sides of the mud road and the houses with a small garden in front of each, everyone were wishing each other on the go. In fact, we felt to stay there and enjoy the environment for some time. But, it was sunny and this is when the huge Neem trees were offering their shade and fresh air. Preferably, this could be said as a

Study Room

Well, after a long tiring session of exams for about 10 days, I sat up today making a list of all the flaws in my study time and methods. Most of the time I spent bare was due to the reason that I was not interested to study. I tried taking my book to my friend’s room and it resulted in boosting my interest. Thinking to the base of the reason, I  realized  the culprit is my room. Not actually my room, it’s me! I have made the arrangement of my room and I am responsible for how it looks. How can I blame it? To the end of this thought process I was able to fill the gap between my room and my “study room”. Mine is a single hostel room which should serve all purposes. Some changes just during exams helps good enough. All you need to do is to make your room a place that urges you to study. Have a pile of books neatly arranged that are seen as soon as you enter the room. On the table, have some food and the books of your  favorite  subject. Have a rough notes open always. Beside you

Active Area

The present scenario of choosing a house to reside in includes the area of the house referred to in sqft. This includes the parking slot area and sometimes the common area too! It is preferable to have a house with decently good area, but is all the mentioned area of the house the active area? Is all this area personally available to you? Well, unfortunately the answer is NO. Active area is something that's not just owned by you and accessible but open to you. It is like the area you can move about, do your work, sit and walk around. I don’t think parking is open to you for all this. Well, I live in a hostel in which we are given a room of may be 7X10, but the active area is not even half of it! It has to accommodate the bed (3X6) and a table with a chair. It may sometimes feel miserable to have too little active area. Make a wise choice in opting your house with good active area and adorable arrangement of all your equipment. Check out the area of your dream houses.