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Well, after a long tiring session of exams for about 10 days, I sat up today making a list of all the flaws in my study time and methods. Most of the time I spent bare was due to the reason that I was not interested to study. I tried taking my book to my friend’s room and it resulted in boosting my interest. Thinking to the base of the reason, I realized the culprit is my room. Not actually my room, it’s me! I have made the arrangement of my room and I am responsible for how it looks. How can I blame it? To the end of this thought process I was able to fill the gap between my room and my “study room”. Mine is a single hostel room which should serve all purposes. Some changes just during exams helps good enough. All you need to do is to make your room a place that urges you to study. Have a pile of books neatly arranged that are seen as soon as you enter the room. On the table, have some food and the books of your favorite subject. Have a rough notes open always. Beside your bed, place at least two books that you may read when you don’t feel sleepy. Priority to the neatness of the room and only the sight of books puts up your spirit. Have a countdown of days left for the exams to finish somewhere on the wall visible all the time. This may encourage you to feel happy that you would be soon free from the your “slavery” Make the best out of your exams. This includes some important interviews and meetings too. After all it’s a part of life right!


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