That Old style!

Yet, it’s the start of my summer vacation and I am with by brother who is also in his vacation. We are bored to tears and had no clue what to do for a too long vacation of 2 months. We sat up and decided on a plan. We would start watching all the epic and master pieces of the old black and white films. As planned, we had a start and watched two of them today. Well, the content of the movies is to be accepted that they are the jewels of Indian cinema. And as usual the houses of the hero and heroine were one of the topics of our discussion. Them being rich, the houses were too big and each was a duplex. The remarkable point is the house center which had a square area open to sky. It probably provides the best ventilation and natural lighting. The interiors were greatly designed but were not gaudy. It gave a decent appeal and the appearance seemed pretty. The top floor was a kind of pent house in front of which is a cement constructed table and chairs, around which beautiful bonsai plants were grown. It seemed the best place to play and relax. The bed rooms were wide with strong wooden beds. It just seemed like a modern dwelling with country side essence. On the whole, the house is to be admired for every point of it. How about trying a house of this type?


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