Hilly Terrain

Out on a holiday with my family for five days, we visited a hill station. We had to reside in a guest house over there. The house could be an aspiring destination for many. A small parking slot in front of the house that accommodates 3-4 cars with a cute garden at its center holding the touch me nots in it. It’s a great fun playing with these touch me not plants. As we enter, the drawing room makes way to the dining and the bed rooms. The steps at one corner lead us to other bed rooms on the next floor.
All this is just one side of the coin. The best part is the environment and nature. The rainy season showed its presence from time to time. Standing at the window, the rain sprinkling some droplets of water on your face followed by the cool breeze with not so bright view but hills overlapping each other will never let you move away from the window. Moving on to the loggia, your sight will be filled with the pine trees grown very long behind which traces of hill tops wave their hand.
Apart from all this, the privacy you get is a great thing. Two more guest houses on both sides are the only places where you could find people. Everywhere else, greenery covers. At night it may be little scary but the view of the garden cools you down. The orange colored street lights giving a golden color to the top layer of plants with a little golden shine due to watery remains of the rain on the leaves catches your eye.
On the whole, this can be a best farm house but not a regular one!


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