Is this happening at your home?

And finally the time has come for her to be accredited as a “successful home maker”. Yes, a successful daughter, wife and a mother in her long journey of 45 years till date. She started off with her BA literature, a degree considered a great one at those times. Well, that was her interest! Her parents and family was her hill of support and her fascination to the subject lead her to a success with 70% in her first and second years. Dreaming of a career in literary aspects, she wanted to pursue her masters in the same subject.
How could everything be so simple in life? If everything goes by our aspiration, its happiness all over right! She had a speed breaker after her second year. The great eve of life, wedding! Her opinion was asked and a general answer “I will marry after my studies” was given. Of course, the reply also was a routine “you can do it after marriage”. Then was the time for her to keep quiet and accept the decisions that everyone around took for her. The silent girl got married and then the major challenge waited. Her final year exams were approaching. A wife, responsible for the entire family had to make time for her studies and exams. May be a challenge faced by many. Passed out of the college with a third class, she wanted to continue with her masters. It’s no more her parents who supported her with her career. None of her new family members were ready to allow her for masters. 

In her own works- “I could have done my masters by opposing them. But, I am a woman who doesn’t have the right to take her own decisions, who don’t have the right to speak, who can’t even step out of the house without numerous permissions. That was a time I missed support, I missed my family. May be not so talented, but being educated is not so wrong! Today, I am here, happy with my family and children. But, if I could go back in time, I would have been stubborn with my decision. Being a topper once is great feeling, but giving up all that for a family responsibility makes it critical.”
At a conclusion, she’s a happy person for ‘her’ people. But, can she truly be happy?
A true story in fact! Is this happening at your home? Let this not be a part of some more "successful" lives.


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