Kitchen Sketch

It’s no more the time for the stale old types of techniques in the kitchen. May be a new house or a one in which already you are living, modern kitchen stands as a prime requirement right! May be a small family or a joint one or a single occupancy in a house, you need to cook food and it requires a kitchen. Well, great mechanical advantage is derived with the implementation of modern kitchen techniques. Getting deeper into physics! It also reduces the necessity of manual labor.
Modern kitchen includes amenities like modular kitchen which includes a drawer for the food wrap, crockery and others separately. This provides easy access to corners. A chimney at the top of the stove that absorbs up the heat produced during cooking. A good ventilation facility with at least one window in the kitchen is a necessity. An arrangement for movement between kitchen and dining would be good. A place preferably at the corner fixed for mixer, grinder, juicer etc. Tiling for the side walls for a minimum height of 3 feet would prevent the damage of walls. Air conditioners for kitchen are not preferable as the smells may become stagnant. Your stove can be a gas one or an induction (but my choice is induction!) An arrangement for at least one person to be seated in the kitchen would be very helpful. All the raw materials with labels would be comfortable for the ones who use the kitchen other than you.

Make sure you add up all the above components to your kitchen. It you have some extras in your kitchen that is helping you make your work easy, do share it in the comments and help others to have a knowledge of it!


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