Life Span Booster

Too obsessed with “fitness”? Well, relax! Sit back and think for a little while... how many posts and news have you read regarding fitness, exercise, health, life span and stuff in the past one week? Surely, the number is pretty good with everyone. Not to worry, you are on the right track. The prime mandate of life is health and for that of health is fitness. I know everyone wants a longer life (Hey, I join the list too!) I heard many saying “keep yourself fit, it helps you live longer” But many never mind them, for everyone needs a ‘scientific proof’.      
Fine then, it’s time for everyone to believe that. Scientists from University of Buffalo have come up with the result of their research in the dependence of exercise on lifespan. They put forth some exciting things that may tempt you to exercise. Well, it’s all the game of Dopamine besides the genetic factors. Dopamine, a hormone shows positive effect on life span and body weight of a human. Dopamine, mostly remembered as the love hormone is known to diminish in its production in the body with aging. So, old people have now got a change to improve the dopamine production in their body. It’s through exercise! Physical exercise of the body helps in improving the level of dopamine in the body. So, now weight control is not just due to calorie burning but due to dopamine production too. And, researchers also found evidences that this increase in level of dopamine elongates the life span.
 Since few decades, the mean life span of the human race is declining. Technology could be a reason that is reducing the physical exercise for humans. Let’s make an improvement in this mean life span. All you need to do is just spending a little time on some physical activity. 


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