Pent house

Human brain is bored of routine and always fascinated to go out of the box. Might be your daily jobs, the people you meet, the places you visit on a daily basis bores your brain. Getting rid of it is practically impossible. All you can do is break your routine for some time once in a while. The same works with the home you live in too! Are you not bored of the routine type of houses you live in? Of course, making small changes in the appeal gives a new look but, you have a more effective way. Why not try a pent house? Well, it is the house on the top most floor of a building which is totally with a different plan from others not just in area but the luxuries too. Of course both the pros and cons are to be considered. Taking a look at the positive aspect, it is a step up for your status! Being the top floor, you can get a scenic view of the city and have good ventilation for the entire house. Isolation from others in the apartment can help you manage a personalized lifestyle. Generally with a spacious area, it could be considered the best in non-independent housing. Getting to the darker side, due to isolation, you may not be able to maintain a good circle of contacts in your apartment. The elevator may be nauseating in some cases. If the power is off, you are dead! As it is the top floor, more heat is going to be experienced. Sometimes pent houses are expensive when compared to others.

However, it can give a chalk and cheese experience. But, it’s worth trying!


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