TV in the house

Not a single house today can be found without a TV. Technology has shown its impact on the world. The prices of the early models have gone down to a considerable extent. Well, people started to agree that TV is a part of the list of necessities or comforts but not luxuries. You have one in your home right?
Well, if you have more than one, it’s a matter to think about. There may be a plethora of reasons why you have purchased more than one TV. But, once they become a part of your house, they surely show an effect right! May be 2 televisions can be considered to be normal depending on the population of the house. If it’s a joint family, one TV may not meet the needs of everyone. But if it’s more than that or if you have more number of TVs’ being a small family, disadvantages are a complimentary!
If you are rich enough to accommodate a TV in each room, it’s good. But, if that’s the case, everyone would prefer to sit in their own room with their own gadgets. If you live without any interaction with others, why to live together in a house? You may feel it’s a symbol of prestige. May be for the world, it’s OK. But, the negative is for you and your family right!

So, before making such purchases think from every corner. Well, this entire thought not just applies to TV but any other electronics. 


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