Why Pre-launch?

When you want to buy a house, you have to select one. Many questions arise in the selection. Of course we are not bothered about all of them. Let’s narrow ourselves whether to select a ready to occupy house or a pre- launch one. Well, though there are only two choices, you need to consider good number of factors in making a choice.
First question to pose for yourself is “Is it an emergency to shift to a new house?” if the answer is yes, you know what to do! But if not, most preferable option is a pre- launch one. Why? You may have a plan for all the amenities in your own house. If it is ready to occupy, some of the amendments that you need in your dream home may not be possible. Works like painting, furnishing the house as per your choice you be possible only with a pre-launch or under construction house. Setting interiors of your preference making necessary arrangements would be easy. Especially, cleaning is a major advantage! Once all the work is done, cleaning before you shift the house would be enough. Clumsy wiring may be a part of the house due to home theater system, internet or other connections. But these could be covered if it is still under construction.
If at all you don’t like the plan and want some walls to disappear and some to appear, it could be possible at low expense or free of cost for pre- launch. Builders would be happy to make your house to your desire and comfort!

Another aspect to be considered is the price. Ready to occupy houses will be more expensive when compared to others. An advantage that everyone wants right! Finally, before making a suitable choice, try considering all the above factors.


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