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The Old New

Seems confusing right! Is it old or new that I am talking about? Well, it’s my old hostel room. But returning to it after a span of two and a half months is making it kind of new to me. Any way, I understood that my room didn’t feel lonely or didn’t miss me only after entering the room. It got a great company! A grape size spider (probably the head of the family) with its family stayed in my room with the company of their food. I gave them a permanent send off after one hour of hard work. Then appeared the real problem! I am almost the only one in my floor. And then came the bats to say a “hi” and “good evening” to me. I had to bend my head down and run away in respect. But thank God! No lizard turned up. They love me so much! Finally done with all this, feeling thirsty I went to get some water. And it tasted like heaven! I couldn’t even take it down my throat after being accustomed to mineral water all these days. May be a day more and I will adapt myself to the surroundings.

Prestige Avalon

Prestige Avalon  Prestige Group is set to launch yet another marvelous project Prestige Avalon very soon in Bangalore. Prestige Avalon project is located in Bengaluru with proximity to major areas of Bangalore. The Iconic project from Prestige Group will suit both salaried professional and the nuclear family. Bengaluru will have one more landmark as soon as Prestige Avalon is launched. Prestige Avalon is a new pre launch project by Prestige Group. It is located in Bangalore and is considered to be one of the largest developments in the recent times. It has 1 BHK, 2 BHK, 3 BHK and 4 BHK apartments with premium specifications and world-class amenities. Prestige Avalon, Bangalore is a phenomenal project located in Bangalore. Prestige Avalon project is designed in such way that, it fulfills all the requirements of IT professional and also the business people. Prestige Avalon Pre-Launch project has been designed by experienced engineers. Prestige Avalon, Bangalore will consist

Teen's Room

Every parent is at an urge to provide the best to their children, both at the phases of childhood and teenage. Well, that’s absolutely fine. But, a small request to all the parents. You will have to keep in mind to provide what your children actually need. A post came up in the past dealing with all the requirements and facilities to be provided in your kid’s room. But let’s throw some light on how the room should be for your grown up kid to be a teen. Here you go. Get your teen’s room ready in the way that steals their heart. This could probably be the best present to your teen. The bed could be a simple one with a full foam mattress. The table should be a bigger one that can accommodate their personal computer or laptop along with a pen stand and other articles like books and stuff. A study lamp is a must. The room should painted with light and pleasant colours with one of the walls having an attractive design at the centre of which some space should be available for placi

Furniture Or Grass?

Having a dream house with elegant look is great. In fact every one wants to own a dream home and comfort themselves in it for the rest of their life. And people figure out a lot of complications to make their house seem awesome. Different appeals are tried out to make the house interesting and make it a good experience to the family. Besides all this, having good privacy in the house is equally important right! Most of the individuals prefer strangers and some guests not to enter their house as it may disturb their privacy or spoil the cleanliness. A small meeting room just before entering the hall is a great option. But, the lawn sitting arrangement is the trend now! A table with few chairs or benches around covered by temporary roofs is the arrangement being preferred for visitors now. The point of interest is that this furniture is not the typical type of furniture found inside the houses. All what you could see is a small place to sit and the rest is covered with greene


Have a keen interest in learning the subject of interiors? Bored by the look of your home? Want to make your home more interesting?  Well, here is the best opportunity to learn some amazing hacks and DIYs that assists you to sketch your interiors. It’s the LUXE Interiors program, an initiative by NDTV Good Times. With a successful completion of its first season, LUXE Interiors is into its second season hosted by Saket Sethi. The season is ready to grab your attention to their discussions of interiors and architecture. Travelling all over India, Luxe interiors team is going to explore some amazing and innovative constructions. The scope is extended to meeting those awesome brains behind the constructions. Now, its in your hand to watch the show and get to know the secrets of Indian architecture and designed interiors. It exposes you to expertise lessons in interior designing and helps you in giving a new look to your house. So, you are the designer of your house now! Holding an

Deep Inside

Everyone wants a break from their routine and relax. Well, holiday trips are the best under this title. Visiting your favorite place or a place you never visited and spending some days over there could be the most soothing experience out of this extremely boring routine. At these times, would you prefer staying in a usual hotel? Might be a 4 or 5 star one but it’s the routine again right! To set a trending example for the place of stay, Heart of Europe project have come up with the 42 under water villas in Dubai. Well these are not guest houses but villas to live in. These are three storied villas of which one is under water, one at the water level and the other above. Most of it has glass walls to give the real feel of living inside water. Going 13 feet under water, a bedroom, kitchen and dining are present in the bottom floor. Officially launched on March 3 rd , the first day of The Dubai International Boat Show, this has become an interesting idea in real estate. Well, it

Pokemon Go

Everyone obsessed with pokemon go! Holding their mobiles peeping into it and moving around. 20 years ago was the time when everyone used to stick to the TV for Pokemon. Niantic labs released this mobile game at the start of June, and it is creating miracles now! Yet released only in few countries, it is ready to extend its bounds world wide. Well, the idea is simple. All you need to do is to catch the virtual pokemons, train them, organise fights with other pokemons, exchange them with others. At the start, you need to create your avatar and go searching. All your real world travel simulations are shown in the game and the app makes use of the GPS tracking system on your mobile. This could be entitled the latest development in virtual reality. Of course, gamers from many other countries are installing the app on their mobile through the APK files available on the internet. As a word of caution, keep an eye on the malware or viral files that are intended to grab the personal data f

The Antilia

Never heard of this? The name seems fascinating right! It is the name of the residence of Mukesh Ambani who is the Chairman of Reliance Industries. After seeing this you can expect the house to be greatly expensive. It is situated in South Mumbai, one of the India’s metropolitan. Antilia is a 27 storey building with higher ceilings that not just depicts beauty but also spaciousness. If the same height was to be utilized to create a building with ordinary ceiling height, it could accommodate 60 floors!  As per the surveys from November 2014, Antilia is the World’s most expensive private residential property. If not just the private list, it stands second. Its value can be approximated to about 1 billion dollars. Also, Antilia is strong enough to handle 8-Richter scale earth quake.  Biggest concern! How to look after this gigantic master piece? Well, this problem is solved by the 600 staff recruited exclusively for this purpose. They are indulged in maintaining The Antilia 24 X 7