Deep Inside

Everyone wants a break from their routine and relax. Well, holiday trips are the best under this title. Visiting your favorite place or a place you never visited and spending some days over there could be the most soothing experience out of this extremely boring routine. At these times, would you prefer staying in a usual hotel? Might be a 4 or 5 star one but it’s the routine again right!
To set a trending example for the place of stay, Heart of Europe project have come up with the 42 under water villas in Dubai. Well these are not guest houses but villas to live in. These are three storied villas of which one is under water, one at the water level and the other above. Most of it has glass walls to give the real feel of living inside water. Going 13 feet under water, a bedroom, kitchen and dining are present in the bottom floor.

Officially launched on March 3rd, the first day of The Dubai International Boat Show, this has become an interesting idea in real estate. Well, it has its cons too! You need to be absolutely careful regarding the floor inside water. Also, if not cleaned properly, it may give an annoying look due to water. Well, if you want a villa of this type, you should have the capacity to handle it too right!

But the feel you get is going to be awesome! You feel like living in an island that has only your house with water on four sides. Preferably, these are the best holiday houses or guest houses. We can actually imagine the demand, only 42 of this type in the whole world!


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