Furniture Or Grass?

Having a dream house with elegant look is great. In fact every one wants to own a dream home and comfort themselves in it for the rest of their life. And people figure out a lot of complications to make their house seem awesome. Different appeals are tried out to make the house interesting and make it a good experience to the family.
Besides all this, having good privacy in the house is equally important right! Most of the individuals prefer strangers and some guests not to enter their house as it may disturb their privacy or spoil the cleanliness. A small meeting room just before entering the hall is a great option.
But, the lawn sitting arrangement is the trend now! A table with few chairs or benches around covered by temporary roofs is the arrangement being preferred for visitors now. The point of interest is that this furniture is not the typical type of furniture found inside the houses.
All what you could see is a small place to sit and the rest is covered with greenery. Well, what is all this? Now the grass has become an entity of beauty to increase the score of interiors. Grass is grown artificially over these to give it an attractive and eye catching look. Also, the hygiene is taken care of. All of it is maintained neatly without any insects hiding inside.

What are you waiting for? Try this out if you have a lawn in front of your house. If not, better luck next time :P


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