The Antilia

Never heard of this? The name seems fascinating right! It is the name of the residence of Mukesh Ambani who is the Chairman of Reliance Industries. After seeing this you can expect the house to be greatly expensive. It is situated in South Mumbai, one of the India’s metropolitan.
Antilia is a 27 storey building with higher ceilings that not just depicts beauty but also spaciousness. If the same height was to be utilized to create a building with ordinary ceiling height, it could accommodate 60 floors!  As per the surveys from November 2014, Antilia is the World’s most expensive private residential property. If not just the private list, it stands second. Its value can be approximated to about 1 billion dollars. Also, Antilia is strong enough to handle 8-Richter scale earth quake.
 Biggest concern! How to look after this gigantic master piece? Well, this problem is solved by the 600 staff recruited exclusively for this purpose. They are indulged in maintaining The Antilia 24 X 7.
Perkins and Will, Chicago based architects had to melt their brain to sketch this dwelling. An Australian based construction company put in their relentless work to bring Antilia to life. Antiques could fill the gap between dignity and beauty of interiors. You could actually stand staring and admiring its exquisiteness for so long. The elegant manifestation of house will never allow you to rank it anything other than 1.
A holiday in that house with your family around would probably be the best experience right!


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