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May be officially called night owls, many people fall into the category of night life. A lazy and drowsy day goes by when we actually intend to sleep and try to open our eyes to little things like lunch and snacks. Being awake and totally “present” during the morning hours proves to be challenging. At times, falling asleep in the class is also a part of their curriculum. The day may start at time probably before 5 P.M or may not have ended since the previous night.
Well, night lifers take their active side out when their loving hours of night return to them. They become the most active persons on earth. The pleasant moon gives them the sun light needed. They rise to the fullest potential and squeeze out the creativity of their brain to sort out the issues. Not lazy any more, the pending work gets accomplished in a very short span of time. Probably, night lifers encourage everyone to have a night life beyond sleeping.
There exist also some scientific proofs that night lifers are more creative in their activities compared to the ordinary routine lovers. May be, this is something against nature. But, it was a time when there were no artificial means of light during nights to carry out their works. So, world preferred night to sleep and day to work. We are no more in that time when we have to give up working due to unavailability of resources.

It’s no wrong in being as per your wish. It’s no wrong in having a night life. Just make sure to make apt use of time available to you. When you choose to be out of the “routine” line, show the difference! Prove the advantages and make people accept your thoughts.
To all dear night lifers out there, let’s bring this small transformation to make people more creative (:P) Are you a night lifer? Share your views with us! Also help your friends to find out what night lifers think.


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