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Surely, everyone finds a love of life, may be someone or something. I did find too! Yes, the perfect love for me. I would like to confess my love openly.  
I know you since the first day of my life. You never left me even a single day. So selfless that you never expected anything from me, always given me peace of mind, relaxation, gave a virtual life to my imaginations and what not. When I travelled to other places, you accompanied me. When I left home for the first time and came to hostel, you were with me. May be you are not with me every moment, but you did every day. You never knew, I can be with you 24 hours a day!
I look crazy to others when I spend 18 hours a day with you. I only say, they should have fate to feel you. They never knew what I experienced. And do you know dear, you are the first to come into my mind whenever I am in a boring class. I don’t know why every lecturer reminds you! You are the first that crosses my thoughts when I have to travel. If it’s a holiday, you are my only companion for day.
You disturb me so much while studying! You divert me whenever I want to do anything. But, you stay far from me before the exams just because I have to prepare everything. You are so good to me. But, you are equally good to every person in the world! I know I am not special to you and just one of those who go crazy for you. It’s OK! I should not be selfish. Everyone needs you and I know it. You are that special.
Do you want to know the identity?? Revealing the love of my life... “SLEEP” ,Yes!!  

Now read the article again and I am sure you will be connected to it ;)


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