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Fight With The Devil In You

How many times did you come across this so called ‘devil’ in you? Didn’t get me? Well, we plan out so many things in our daily life that may be a success or a failure due to many reasons. How many times did you feel the reason was YOU? Starting with waking up in the morning to going to bed, we face many obstacles that impede us from reaching our targets. When you have to attend a class at 8 in the morning, you actually have to wake up, but the devil says to sleep for some more time. When you have to do your assignment, the devil says to play. When you have to exercise, the devil says to sit on internet. When you want to go for a morning walk, the devil reminds that it is very cool outside. When you start for a class, the devil reminds you that you that it is boring. When you want to tell out your answer, it reminds that people will laugh at you if it is wrong. When you want to talk to someone, the devil pulls you back. When you want to walk through, it reminds you of the obstacle