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Investments are always prone to risks and therefore there is constantly a fear of losing money always. You have to find wise investments where your changes of money losing are less. Hence, you have to make our investment choice wisely as there lays a trick. Real estate is definitely a safer type of investment and if you are planning to invest in a property then Prestige Park Square flats on Bannerghatta road Bangalore will be up for sale soon.

Property for sale in bannerghatta road bangalore
Prestige Park Square

People who regularly keep making investments do a lot of research before getting into anything as they want to be very wise and careful while investing their money anywhere. If one has invested in a huge amount it is obviously in the hope of earning a big amount in return but definitely not at the cost of risk exposure.

If you are a person who earns around 10 Lakhs or more per annum income then you can find a lot of investment options like

1. Bank Fixed Deposits, Bonds – This type of investment is a safe investment, but the returns are only between 4% to 7.5% p.a which is very less comparatively. The research shows that majority of the people withdraw their money from this type of sayings because of various reasons like buying a car, medical reasons, marriage, studies etc.

2. Insurance policies – These are all long term investment plan options without much profit in the end of it when compared with Real estate field. When you invest in an insurance policy the returns depend on the tenure of the policy and the options that are available while you are buying the policy. Also, you pay less if you are in your younger age.

3. Stocks and Mutual Funds – One can make an investment with a very small amount as well. Huge investments are not necessary in this type of investment. But this is a very risky type of investment. If you have done your research properly only then you should invest in stocks or mutual fund.

4. Gold and Gold Bonds – This type of investment option is available from the RBI and is way better than buying physical gold as the risks are more keeping safe the physical gold. Also when compared to actual gold there are no making costs and service charges involved. This type of investment earns about 2.75 % interest rate over and above the capital appreciation.

5. Buying a house or Plot – This no doubt is the best and the safest type of investment. This type of investment beats any other type of investment mentioned above like Mutual funds or stocks etc. You can invest a small amount in a plot in an area which hasn’t developed much and wait for 5 years for the prices to get doubled up. This type of investment will always keep growing.

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