Outskirts of Bangalore city – A best investment idea

Godrej Aqua New Residential Apartment At Hosahalli Bangalore

As we all know investing in the real estate industry is the best and the safest option to put your hands into as there is a guarantee that the money put into will definitely give high returns on it. Once you decide to buy a property the next question that would come to your mind is whether to invest in the center of the city or outskirts of the Bangalore city. Which would be a better option would be your question. These days the connectivity in the Bangalore city is simply awesome be it road, NICE road or metro connectivity. Investing in a property in the outskirts of Bangalore city would be a better option we feel.

Godrej Aqua

Godrej Aqua | Hosahalli Bangalore
Godrej Aqua | Hosahalli Bangalore

Few of the advantages are below.

1)      If you decide to invest in a property in the outskirts of Bangalore you will be able to lead a peaceful life away from the hustle and bustle of the city and also away from the mad traffic and pollution. At least for the next few years till the area doesn’t get developed you will be able to enjoy a peaceful life. One such property that we can suggest you is the Godrej Aqua which is located at Hosahalli Bangalore project from the Godrej Group coming up on the Hosahalli Road which is away from the hectic traffic of central Bangalore city.


2)      The outskirt areas presently stand a high chance of improvement in their infrastructure in the future. With the Metro network coming up in Bangalore city now every corner of Bangalore will be well-connected in the near future. The location of Godrej Aqua is one good investment idea for all those who want to stay away from busy city life. There are a lot of weekend getaways too nearby to the Hosahalli.  Manyata Tech Park is also at close by distance so if you are already working there reaching office will not be hard task for you considering the traffic Bangalore main city center has.

3)      Investing in a property in the outskirts will be a good idea as the prices are going very cheap as when compared to very high prices if you have to buy in the center of the city. Hence, investing in outskirts can give you cheaper rates for a bigger space of a property.

4)      The outskirts get transformed into developed areas very soon in the Bangalore city. So if you buy a property for a lower rate in the outskirts their price will appreciate very soon and you will get higher returns in the next few years of investment itself.

Hence, there are a great chances of your property value doubling up very soon after investing. 

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