When you have just finished an entire ton of work and want a cool and chilled bar cum restaurant where you can simply relax and hang out with friends, rest assured you will not run out of places like this in Bangalore!

And if you want the vintage pub experience along with world-class cuisine, you have no further to look than our very own Déjà vu in Bangalore. Located right beside Prestige Park square, an area with its own charm and amenities filled to the brim, Déjà vu has all kinds of major cuisines available that will make sure that you take away more than just a memory, as the name so aptly suggests!
Déjà vu has become one of a kind in the city with its easy on the pocket menu yet an amazing and delectable range of choices in dishes. This reputed specialty restaurant serves North Indian and Chinese cuisines and caters to wide groups irrespective of whether it is friends or family like be it a corporate lunch, family gatherings or friends get together. It includes serving with total perfection and keeping the taste intact with great and courteous service. The chic classic ambiance is also well paired up with a circular bar makes it the preferred choice for every occasion. Deja Vu is located in one of the vital places of Bannerghatta Road and it stands opposite to Girias Showroom near Prestige Park square.
Deja Vu Resto Bar
Deja Vu Resto Bar

What you find Nearby !!

With a superb ambiance, and personal interests of the chefs in making each dish the epitome of perfection, this restaurant in Gopalan Innovation Mall is definitely worth a visit and two! With their delectable and sumptuous range of buffets and the wide range of drinks and cocktails, Déjà vu ensures that unwinding after a long tiresome evening is totally worth the money and gives you a grand experience to remember!

Customers coming to this joint have repeatedly praised the ambiance and the quality of food, especially of the starters that are simply out of this world! If you happen to be one of the lucky residents of Prestige park square, you needn’t worry anymore, because you will have such an astonishingly good quality restaurant just a few steps away, apart from all other amenities!
With a rating of over 4 in all major food review apps, Déjà vu has indeed shown a lot of potentials and can indeed deliver well on all sectors, whether it be on food or on service or ambiance!

Like the phrase, you will keep wanting to come back here and enjoy the food and dining experience here. Apart from being a total gastronomic delight, this restaurant promises to enthral you with the beauty that is of Bangalore and show the perks of true cosmopolitan lifestyle.  With its presence in such a prime location like near Prestige Park Square, there is no need to think over or reconsider your choice!  Déjà vu is definitely one of the restaurants you should visit if you ever get the chance to be in Bangalore.

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