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You use several gadgets for various reasons on a daily basis. The use of technology and internet is rapidly increasing in the present times. In the world of internet, you get all information by just a few clicks. Whether you want to shop groceries or clothes, you take the route of the online medium. How about using smart technologies in your home to make your residence a smart home? . Godrej Aqua are one of the upcoming residential property in Bangalore where we can incorporate this technology.
Godrej Aqua
Godrej Aqua| Upcoming Residential Apartment

Use of IoT in smart homes

How about having a device which controls the temperature of your room? Imagine, the doors of your garage get opened with the help of your smartphone. Is this really possible? There are many other devices and gadgets which are used in today's modern apartments. These devices operated by the internet have converted a home into a smart home. The internet-operated devices provide utmost security and comfort to the house owners. By installing these smart home devices, you can be at ease.

How IoT is useful in your homes?

With the advent of advanced technology such as smart motion sensors installed in your home, you can easily see the visitors who are standing outside your residence. You can detect if the visitor is your colleague, family member, or a burglar. You can use various smart kitchen appliances which will make your kitchen-related tasks convenient for you. How about having a refrigerator which notifies you about the expiration date of the food products? With the help of the modernized home automation systems, the life of every homeowner has become quite comfortable.

Godrej Aqua Apartment
Godrej Aqua Apartment

Smart technologies for smart residences

There are many smart technologies which can be installed inside and outside your apartment to get rid of the complexities and insecurities that you face in your daily life. Let us have a short glimpse on the technologies and appliances where the IoT has put into use –

1. Kwikset Z-Wave Locks

You do not have to use keys anymore to lock and unlock the doors of your house every time you step outside or inside your home. Make use of the Kwikset Z-Wave lock which is to be installed outside of your home. With the use of this device, you can lock and unlock the doors just by tapping your fingers on the touchscreen of the device.

2. Ecobee 3 smart thermostat

Before you enter your home, the aforementioned device will make your room cooler automatically. It can be installed anywhere in the upstairs or downstairs of your house.

3. Belkin WeMo Switch

This electrical device operates through Wi-Fi system. The use of this device is to keep the humidity of your rooms in check. Install this device in bathroom, bedrooms and kitchen.

4. Curb energy

By installing this device in the outer portion of your home, you will be able to save money on the usage of electricity.

5. Sonos wireless speaker

Indulge in your all-time favourite music by installing sonos wireless speaker in any corner of your home.

The aforesaid devices using IoT have the potential to provide efficient and smart services to the users. Use these devices wisely to make your life better and hassle-free!

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