Concorde Mayfair - An Investment Destination

Acquiring an asset is always for a greater good. Asset like an own house has deep sentimental value attached to it. Staying as tenants is a good choice, however, is a temporary solution. Planning in investing in a real estate property is a very important decision. A lot of thought and comparison goes into practice as property investments are long term in nature. Residents all over Bangalore are looking for similar opportunities for the entire family’s prosperity. Renowned developers Concorde group have come up with one such project called Concorde Mayfair located at Medahalli, Bangalore. 

With Medahalli as a location, the project enjoys great connectivity to all prominent landmarks around the city. With luxurious spaces to offer, residents can either buy property for rentals or for personal occupancy. With other real estate projects in close proximity and with the introduction of Bangalore metro, the rates of land appreciation are increasing rapidly. With elegant high-rise buildings, the residents can have uninterrupted views of beautiful green covers. This shows that they have worked hard in maintaining the ecological factor. Residents plan on buying a property further out from the city needing a place to relax and it poses as an ideal choice. Being further out from the main city and with excellent connectivity to other landmarks is one amazing prospect. The location is also close to schools, colleges, medical institutions and entertainment mega-Centre’s. Residents are now heading towards a feeling of royalty and trustworthiness with Concorde Mayfair.

Concorde Mayfair
Concorde Mayfair

Why Concorde Mayfair?

Concorde group was always at the epitome of real estate developments. The group has a wide array of spaces ranging from residential, commercial and recreational infrastructural marvels. The organization has developed more than 20 million sq.ft of residential space with the main principle being customer well-being and delight. In order to have a long-lasting impact on customers, a company should imbibe a quality of customer perception and social well-being. The property does exactly the same catering to all individual requirements of customers. 

The amenities that are offered coupled up with the location benefits satisfies all customer needs. Some of the world-class amenities that are offered to customers constitute of Yoga decks, jogging tracks, equipped gymnasium, play-parks for kids, spacious club houses and tennis courts. With round the clock electric backup for key specific areas and presence of security personnel at all times, the project is the safest of them all.

More on Floor Plans

The project offers 2 and 3 BHK variants with size ranging from 600-1785 sq.ft in a pristine location. The project being in its pre-launch phase is enjoying the land development in and around Medahalli. Customers are sure to have the best time with the  project considering the factor that influence a purchase decision.

Another interesting and even more admiring about Concorde Mayfair is the level of transparency and honesty that is maintained with the customers. The customers are called for site visits and are given every detail regarding anything the customer would need. With the airport just 30 minutes away from the site, convenience has reached a whole new level. Why wait when you are just minutes away from owning your dream house. 


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