Concorde Luxepolis - Luxury Apartments in Bull Temple Road Basavanagudi

Bangalore is never ready to loses its charm because of the bright colorful factors it has got. Firstly, it is the Silicon Valley of India with a huge number of IT hot spots in the city. The cutting technology used in the real estate and construction in order to provide a comfortable stay is soaring. Then the modern lifestyle in this metropolitan city is one of the reasons. With many events happenings gives pleasure to the night life and the weekends and the interesting tourism spots give another pleasure from the week full of tiring work. With many industries, companies, startups and MNCs in the city, Bangalore never loses its charming attracting people from various fields and different walks of life. The city with umpteen companies offers in-numerous jobs with five digits salary and what else the employees need?  A quenching salary is from their work place and comfortable stay is by Concorde. Yes! Concorde groups is launching a new residential project in the city center titled Concorde Luxepolis located at Basavanagudi.

About Concorde

Concorde from the year 1998 has been striving to give the best it can and never dissatisfied its customers. Concorde groups giving importance to its residents and customers it gained a very positive goodwill and leaves a benchmark in each and every project it takes up. Following values like giving importance to customers perspective, customization, residents safety, abide to the body of law and transparency. With the guidance of the well-trained architects, Concorde never failed in giving the best. With flawless operations, the dealings were never negative now cancelled. Up to date, Concorde covered 20 million sq. ft and is still taking up few more projects in order to update the living style of the individuals.

About the Price

Concorde Luxepolis is with the best price plans for its customers. Price of the property is always made affordable to any class of the society. With banking aids, now it is very easy for any individual to turn from a part-time tenant to a full-time owner. Considering the actual cost of the labor, resources and other needed material, an individual can easily turn into a permanent owner of a house in Concorde Mayfair rather than being a tenant for lifetime.  Additionally, few government levies will be charged extra. With all these added expenses, still the price of the property is made affordable to any class of individuals to own their dream house. Along with this economical price, there are many banks and other financial institutions with easily payable EMI policies and interest rates to aid the individuals in owning a house. With proper maintenance of the property and the soaring demand towards this locality will experience the price appreciation and also it is surefire returnable value.

Specifications of the property

Concorde Luxepolis
Concorde Luxepolis

Considering residents security and comfort in the priority list, Concorde is providing with 24 hours security. It has 24 hours power back up and water facility. Concorde doesn’t let any resident feel scarcity of anything. From proper basement to the top of the sealing, from the kitchen to the bathroom, interiors and ventilation, every inch in the property is well planned, built and furnished. Proper maintenance with workers from time to time is arranged to clean the locality with the concerned departments. Parks and swimming pools are well maintained. Round the clock security is provided with CCTV surveillance which is recording all the time. Including all the amenities and specifications, Concorde results the best outcome. Concorde Luxepolis project also amazes people by offering the ultimatum.

Floor plan and master plan of the property

Concorde Luxepolis is offering 3 BHK and 4 BHK with wide range of dimensions. 3 BHK with 2355 sq. ft and 2693 sq. ft and 4 BHK with 3245 sq. ft. Evenly divided units in the apartment defines the dedication and perfection of the Concorde groups. Precisely following the vastu directions, this property within the city is marvelous. The master plan of this project starts with the entry and exit, visitors parking, children’s play area, elder’s plaza, historical Cycas tree, water feature, drop off canopy, security cabin, transformer yard, signage feature wall, outdoor seating space and driveaway ramp.

Floor planning of the 3 BHK and 4 BHK of this property is described in the following table below.

Carpet Area
Balcony Area
Saleable area
101-1601 sq. ft
(3 BHK)
1498 sq. ft
116 sq. ft
2355 sq. ft
102-1602 sq. ft
(3 BHK)
1623 sq. ft
218 sq. ft
2693 sq. ft
103-1603 sq. ft
2081 sq. ft
179 sq. ft
3245 sq. ft

Location of the property

While location is always counted in the priority list, all the modern and necessary essentials are in the closer proximity of the property. Basavanagudi itself evidences many developments as it is in the center of the city and is also a residential place which is very near not only to the employment slots nut also to the transportation like the Majestic Bus stand and the KSR Bangalore Railway station and the Namma Metro of Bangalore is also close by. This property enjoys feasibility in travelling, comfortable in residing and in reach to the employment boards and also wrapped by all the modern and essential amenities to support the present-day lifestyle.

Amenities of the property

Concorde Luxepolis Basavanagudi
Concorde Luxepolis

Concorde Luxepolis is contributing all its experiences in order to bring out the noteworthy and unbeatable residential planning for the people of Bangalore. This wonderful structure of the property is so attractive and will turn out to be ideal structure for other future projects. The amenities provided in the property cannot be pointed out. It also follows with the health of the residents, their social life and safety too.

To make their life easy, pleasant and fit, the property is now separately offering those amenities to assure regarding the health. Jogging track is being set up for both the adults and senior citizens also. There is a separate set up especially for play area for kids with play equipment too.  Yoga Deck and meditation deck are also part of amenities considering the good health of the residents. Park, senior citizens corner, landscapes, in house club for the social activities which improves bonding between and amongst the neighbors. Maintenance is promptly retained by time to time management system.

It always goes with the well being and also the following life style of the individuals and takes up those essentials which will be required by the residents and assures all the essentials for every property and the same is with this property. With a great maintenance, the demand for the property in Basavanagudi road is rising high with this property, Concorde Luxepolis.


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