BDA North, East facing flats may hike 5%

Observing the demand for north and east facing houses, BDA (Bangalore Development Authority) believes in increasing the price to 5%. The unsold flats due to improper vastu are being unsold. So, this action is to make efficient sales and provide housing in this city.

Price hike for north and east facing apartments

BDA flats price in the city with the perfect vastu directions are to be hiked for systematic sale of flats. There are also flats with no home buyers due to the improper position of the property in the sense of vastu can be said. One example of Alur BDA flats left unsold because the properties are west-facing. The demand can be said for east, north and west which is said auspicious, prosperous and is good for the youth and wealth. East and northern directions for the construction of a house can be said as the perfect one.

            Home lookers are often preferring the public developers by pouring solid amount of money due to the BDA improper directions of a house. After observing the buying trends in Bangalore, BDA introduced across-the-table and concluded in increasing the price of perfect vastu pursuing homes and the ones with improper vastu home will be given premium for efficient sales. The price of the houses will be fixed considering the floor number as per the stamps and registration department guidelines and policies. Prestige Elysian is one such property in Bannerghatta road where one can invest in it.

Prestige Elysian Apartments
Prestige Elysian

Real estate trends in Bangalore

The soaring demand for real estate in Bangalore is high due to the huge demand for the residential projects and commercial projects and office buildings which will be taken by in-numerous settlers, migrants, companies, startups and MNCs etc. With the surging demand. Bangalore is ranked 2nd followed by Mumbai. This metropolitan city observed 91% growth in residential supply and experienced housing sales of 3000 units in Q4 of 2017 and rose to the housing sales of 6,800 units in Q1 of 2018. Bangalore. With such raising demand, residential projects only with proper installations like the location, vastu, amenities are being preferred.

Why invest in Bangalore?

*      Bangalore is quite good in crime rates curbing and well-discipled law and order situation in the city.

*      The government of this state has simplified the investment procedures.

*      This city has model telecom infrastructure facilities in this country.

*      This city is one of the rapidly developing and also the biggest consumer market in the country.

*      Bangalore houses biotech, automobile, electronic and other heavy machinery companies too.

*      It also has reputed educational institutions and universities with bright educational facilities and also boasts world class and state-of the art hospitals.

*      It comprises of research and development slots in India.

*      It has the best ever resources like the land, power, water is in plenty.

*      Ultimately, the innumerous companies, firms, startups, MNCs and IT zones are the chief reasons for the individuals, especially the techies to make Bangalore as priority for a vibrant career.

This developing city with soaring real estate demand is the reason for the increase in migration. Thus the changes in real estate trends has gone through a tremendous shift and the facts to invest in Bangalore are the reasons for the people to invest in real estate and own a residential project in Bangalore. 


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