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Lucky plants for the home

 Plants are essential in directing the natural flow of positive energy. They likewise filter the climate by engrossing carbon dioxide and give help from pressure.

Plants disperse the stale a lot energies from the home. They subliminally associate us to the shading green, which has restorative characteristics. As indicated by Vastu Shastra, healthy developing plants put in the correct ways, upgrade the capacity to pull in bounty into one's life and improve connections. 

Indoor plants

Plants that bring good luck, concordance and flourishing 


As per Vastu shastra, quite possibly the most impressive, holy and auspicious plants that improves inspiration at home, is the Tulsi or heavenly basil. 

This bush, which has extraordinary therapeutic worth, can filter the environment and ward mosquitoes off. Tulsi can be developed at the front or the rear of the house, in the gallery or windows, any place it tends to be presented routinely to daylight. 

Jade plant 

Jade plant, with its little adjusted leaf, is known to offer good luck. As indicated by Feng Shui, the Jade plant is the exemplification of good luck and ideal positive energy and consequently, can be set in the house or office. Jade represents development and recovery and the state of the leaves bear a likeness to jade stones. Nonetheless, try not to keep the jade plant in the washroom, specialists propose. 

Bamboo plant 

The lucky bamboo (Dracaena Sanderiana) plant is from south-east Asia and both, Vastu and Feng Shui, partner it with good fortune and wellbeing. The quantity of stalks in the plant hugely affects the importance of a specific lucky bamboo plant. For abundance, for example, it ought to have five stalks; for good luck six; seven stalks for wellbeing and 21 stalks for wellbeing and extraordinary riches. Bamboo plants likewise go about as air purifiers and eliminate contaminations from the environmental factors. Ideally, keep the bamboo plant in the east corner. 

Money plant 

Money plant (pothos) is known to carry riches and good luck to the house and helps in defeating monetary hindrances. Money plants go about as natural air purifiers, as they sift the poisons through of the air. It requires almost no upkeep. It is said that keeping a money plant at home can assist with making progress in both, individual and expert fields. 

Areca palm 

Areca palm plants, as per Feng Shui, lead to wellbeing, peace and flourishing. It kills negative energy and pulls in inspiration. This verdant plant can be filled anyplace in the house, in aberrant daylight. It has a capacity to eliminate regular poisons from the air and furthermore improves stickiness. 

Flowers that bring good luck 

Peace lily 

Peace lilies are an extraordinary expansion to any room, to help clean the air and summon a feeling of congruity. Feng Shui says that sustaining peace lilies, help to achieve good luck and fortune and it avoids negative energies. Since the plant draws in good vibes, it is additionally good for enthusiastic prosperity. It improves the flow of energy in the home by purifying the air. 


Jasmine addresses appreciation, love and good luck and makes energy seeing someone. Jasmine (mogra) has a sensitive sweet scent and is known to diminish uneasiness and bring serenity. In the present clamorous world, one necessities a quiet and peaceful home to re-energize and plants assist us with unwinding. I have jasmine flowers in my gallery, which are the most loved flowers of Lord Shiva. Following full time work, I appreciate the fragile whiff of blossoming jasmine in my gallery and fail to remember all the pressure. 

Lucky herbs for home 


This spice wards terrible vibes off and is ideal for pulling in riches and flourishing. The fragrance of mint leaves helps quiet one's nerves and is accepted to resuscitate one's expectations. It additionally helps in calming pressure focused on muscles and has restorative worth. 

Ajwain (carom) 

This natural plant is viewed as auspicious for abundance. It doesn't need an excess of daylight or water. The wonderful ribbed leaves of the plant are palatable and a simple home solution for an annoyed belly. 

Lucky trees for the nursery 

Neem tree 

Neem tree makes energy, a healthy climate and as per Vastu, is auspicious. As it has extraordinary therapeutic worth, the Vedas called the Neem as sarva roga nivarini (the curer of all afflictions). Neem trees go about as a productive natural air channel, engrossing contaminations. 


The banana plant is a sacrosanct plant revered in India. It is viewed as a harbinger of good luck and means thriving, good wellbeing and mental peace. This plant ought to be put in the north-east. 

Tips to develop and deal with plants that bring good luck 

Select healthy plants with dynamic foliage, to make useful energy. 

Trees like neem and mango, give good outcomes every which way. 

For any house, it is auspicious to have a Gooseberry tree the north-east way, pomegranate in the north-west, banyan in the east, gular (group fig) in the south, peepul in the west and pakad (ficus) in the north heading. 

In your kitchen garden, other than developing turmeric which is related with success, develop herbs like coriander, thyme and rosemary. 

As per Vastu, a citrus plant, other than exuding a new smell, helps in making an upbeat climate. 

Eliminate dried and rotted leaves, flowers and weeds, as they pull in negative energy. 

Develop hibiscus, champa and marigold flowers in the nursery at home as they are viewed as auspicious. 

Aside from a couple of therapeutic plants, maintain a strategic distance from plants with thistles, as they offer ascent to strains in the climate. 

Try not to develop plants in chipped or broke pots or jars.


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