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Amenities - Pre launch

Residential amenities in these new developments have supersized along with real estate prices, going far beyond the typical gym or concierge service. They’re boasting resort-like features that blur the line between a luxurious vacation and everyday life, so that residents need never leave the building, like bars and restaurants and spas for humans and pets alike. But tower-dwellers can still go outside and have plenty to do on rooftop beaches with pool cabanas, observatories, and outdoor kitchens. Prestige Jindal City Amenities  and Prestige Park Square Amenities The lowest-priced properties of the buildings featured here are studio apartments going for nearly half a million dollars, and prices soar way up into the millions from there. See what special features are included. The concept of apartment dwelling units is largely prevalent across tier I and tier II cities in India. The 4 metros Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata were the forerunners in this concept and from late 1980s