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All about the Chennai-Bengaluru Expressway

 Following thirty years of political fighting, the expressway between two significant south Indian urban communities – Chennai and Bengaluru – is probably going to come around. The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI), the executing office, has separated the whole task into 10 bundles, for which tenders have been welcomed for three bundles which fall in the conditions of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. The tenders are required to be shut right off the bat in 2021 and the undertaking is planned to be finished in 2023.  if you are looking for plots investments in Bangalore, you can go for Prestige Park Drive in Devanahalli, Bangalore Chennai Bengaluru Expressway: Route  While the land securing for 2,650 hectares is practically finished, the unavoidable postponement because of financing and ecological effect has raised the prices for this undertaking. The 262-km street will be the first greenfield expressway in south  India which will cut over:  Hoskote (Karnataka)  Malur

Vastu tips for positive energy at home

 The energy stream in a house is enormously influenced by its construction and the style in the house. We take a gander at some basic manners by which mortgage holders can help the positive energy in their homes.  Every single one of us wants to live in a home that is happy with, quieting and revives us. Understand that the energy inside a house, influences the individuals who involve it. One's current circumstance helps in building an establishment for a more advantageous brain and body and Vastu Shastra offers approaches to make a more beneficial life. Whenever followed accurately, Vastu Shastra can assist the home's occupants with turning out to be actually and intellectually sound.  if you are looking for properties in India, you can go with A-tier builders such as Prestige Construction , Lodha Group, Godrej Properties and more as their properties are vastu compliant and you can choose from numerous options based in Price, floorplan and area as well. Vastu tips for the pri

Prestige Highline's Affordable and Luxurious living space is fulfilling

Prestige Highline Apartments are exclusively depicting the luxury and affordability. The spacious rooms and the designed interiors with its own space for natural light and air. This property located in Pallavaram is a blessing for residents of Chennai and other major localities. Pallavaram with its lucrative factors Pallavaram comes under the Kanchipuram district and is known for its cantonment and residency slots. This region close to Chennai is attracting many migrants and settlers to own a model apartment like Highline. Chennai is blessed with automobile industries, software services, medical tourism, hardware manufacturing and financial services. In such abundantly developing and still developing place like Chennai, Prestige chose to offer a first-class apartment with a safe and sound stay in the name of Prestige. Prestige is prestigious with 2 decades of experience Prestige groups were formed in the year 1998 and attracted customers from major cities acr

Amenities - Pre launch

Residential amenities in these new developments have supersized along with real estate prices, going far beyond the typical gym or concierge service. They’re boasting resort-like features that blur the line between a luxurious vacation and everyday life, so that residents need never leave the building, like bars and restaurants and spas for humans and pets alike. But tower-dwellers can still go outside and have plenty to do on rooftop beaches with pool cabanas, observatories, and outdoor kitchens. Prestige Jindal City Amenities  and Prestige Park Square Amenities The lowest-priced properties of the buildings featured here are studio apartments going for nearly half a million dollars, and prices soar way up into the millions from there. See what special features are included. The concept of apartment dwelling units is largely prevalent across tier I and tier II cities in India. The 4 metros Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata were the forerunners in this concept and from late 1980s