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With RERA, many fence-sitters will become home buyers, here is the reason why?

As far as RERA is concerned, it was much needed. The customer was not happy with the Real Estate industry. Bangalore created a lot of problems for the real estate buyers. Many developers were not able to deliver the houses on time and some were not available to answer some simple queries from its customers. People had put in their hard earned money to buy their dream home. Finally, the authorities stepped forward and the RERA act was created. The major plus point of RERA is its transparency. For the first time in our country, one can think of buying a house and can also know everything about it. The carpet area of the property and the timeline for construction which are the two important basic pieces of information will now be easily available to the buyers. Any developer who doesn’t stand by these rules of transparency will be penalized. Developers who were already stressed before the RERA will now have to escrow money. Some of them are worried as they do not have adequate fun

Real Estate Sector 2018 - Trends and Expectations

If you have plans of investing in a plot then Embassy Springs Bangalore will be the investment option available around. With the Real estate industry no doubt will continue to get bigger as the buyer’s desire will remain obstinate and its customer base will grow and change the imminent. As the Real estate industry will evolve it will play a wide role well beyond real estate products and services. The individual companies will vie to become undisputed leaders by size and breadth and the ecosystems will develop that have a tight grip on the customer loyalty. The recent government initiation towards the real estate market which came into effect like the RERA, GST and demonetization have all been a positive approach. And the buyer’s confidence is getting a boost because of the increasing clarity while they are buying. The long term market dynamics for the Real estate sector is expected to be positive, especially the residential market sector. The developers now are