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Hilly Terrain

Out on a holiday with my family for five days, we visited a hill station. We had to reside in a guest house over there. The house could be an aspiring destination for many. A small parking slot in front of the house that accommodates 3-4 cars with a cute garden at its center holding the touch me nots in it. It’s a great fun playing with these touch me not plants. As we enter, the drawing room makes way to the dining and the bed rooms. The steps at one corner lead us to other bed rooms on the next floor. All this is just one side of the coin. The best part is the environment and nature. The rainy season showed its presence from time to time. Standing at the window, the rain sprinkling some droplets of water on your face followed by the cool breeze with not so bright view but hills overlapping each other will never let you move away from the window. Moving on to the loggia, your sight will be filled with the pine trees grown very long behind which traces of hill tops wave their h

Life Span Booster

Too obsessed with “fitness”? Well, relax! Sit back and think for a little while... how many posts and news have you read regarding fitness, exercise, health, life span and stuff in the past one week? Surely, the number is pretty good with everyone. Not to worry, you are on the right track. The prime mandate of life is health and for that of health is fitness. I know everyone wants a longer life (Hey, I join the list too!) I heard many saying “keep yourself fit, it helps you live longer” But many never mind them, for everyone needs a ‘scientific proof’.       Fine then, it’s time for everyone to believe that. Scientists from University of Buffalo have come up with the result of their research in the dependence of exercise on lifespan. They put forth some exciting things that may tempt you to exercise. Well, it’s all the game of Dopamine besides the genetic factors. Dopamine, a hormone shows positive effect on life span and body weight of a human. Dopamine, mostly remembered as the

Is this happening at your home?

And finally the time has come for her to be accredited as a “successful home maker”. Yes, a successful daughter, wife and a mother in her long journey of 45 years till date. She started off with her BA literature, a degree considered a great one at those times. Well, that was her interest! Her parents and family was her hill of support and her fascination to the subject lead her to a success with 70% in her first and second years. Dreaming of a career in literary aspects, she wanted to pursue her masters in the same subject. How could everything be so simple in life? If everything goes by our aspiration, its happiness all over right! She had a speed breaker after her second year. The great eve of life, wedding! Her opinion was asked and a general answer “I will marry after my studies” was given. Of course, the reply also was a routine “you can do it after marriage”. Then was the time for her to keep quiet and accept the decisions that everyone around took for her. The silent g

Smart Phone

I have seen numerous articles on advantages of smart phone. Today, not having any work, I sat with my smart phone thinking of its use to me. Well, my mother gave a use “This is what you us to chat with people”. Of course, right! I just varied my thought to an alternate direction. Eventually I started smiling and ended up laughing. Want to know the reason? It’s the advantages of my smart phone! It is the best paper weight on my study table. This is what I do when I study and obviously this is what distracts me! If you are not at home or a long way off the mirror, your phone is your mirror. If you have a protective case for your phone, it is going to be a wallet too. Yes! I always place money in the phone case instead of carrying a purse. And this is why I spoil my phone case too! Another advantage with the case. If you are really angry, you have nothing around and have enough trust on your phone that it won’t break, you can show your anger on it. It can be used as a support for writ

Anger Room

A typical home consists of bed rooms, dining, kitchen, drawing room etc. Well, all these are sufficient to meet the regular necessities. Then why a concept of a room called anger room? We are common people and may not be able to control our anger sometimes. We don’t even know what is rolling out of our mouth at that time. Those words may be hurting for some. Some may even feel offended by them! To avoid such situations, please don’t get angry. Well, this is something not feasible right! This is the reason why an anger room is necessary. Whenever you get angry, just get out of the place and go to that room. And the room should be supporting. It should be sketched with some peace quotes, light and soothing colors and pleasant interiors. The room should allow you to do your favorite thing so that your blood pressure goes down. If you want to know the advantages, there are many. Firstly, the peace of your home is not disturbed. Your relationship with the people around is maintained. Y

TV in the house

Not a single house today can be found without a TV. Technology has shown its impact on the world. The prices of the early models have gone down to a considerable extent. Well, people started to agree that TV is a part of the list of necessities or comforts but not luxuries. You have one in your home right? Well, if you have more than one, it’s a matter to think about. There may be a plethora of reasons why you have purchased more than one TV. But, once they become a part of your house, they surely show an effect right! May be 2 televisions can be considered to be normal depending on the population of the house. If it’s a joint family, one TV may not meet the needs of everyone. But if it’s more than that or if you have more number of TVs’ being a small family, disadvantages are a complimentary! If you are rich enough to accommodate a TV in each room, it’s good. But, if that’s the case, everyone would prefer to sit in their own room with their own gadgets. If you live without any i

Kitchen Sketch

It’s no more the time for the stale old types of techniques in the kitchen. May be a new house or a one in which already you are living, modern kitchen stands as a prime requirement right! May be a small family or a joint one or a single occupancy in a house, you need to cook food and it requires a kitchen. Well, great mechanical advantage is derived with the implementation of modern kitchen techniques. Getting deeper into physics! It also reduces the necessity of manual labor. Modern kitchen includes amenities like modular kitchen which includes a drawer for the food wrap, crockery and others separately. This provides easy access to corners. A chimney at the top of the stove that absorbs up the heat produced during cooking. A good ventilation facility with at least one window in the kitchen is a necessity. An arrangement for movement between kitchen and dining would be good. A place preferably at the corner fixed for mixer, grinder, juicer etc. Tiling for the side walls for a mi

Family Time

How long has it been since you had a few hours spent solely with your family members. Well, everyone is busy in their career and earning. But, family plays an important role in your career too. Spending a little time on regular basis not just keeps them happy but also boosts your peace of mind. You can plan a holiday, watch a movie, and have your meals together, have a small party or just have a chit chat with all. Everyone likes to enjoy right! You can also share your work at home for a day or two like cleaning the house, decorating the interiors or going on shopping to buy something for your house. This is absolutely affordable right! For that little time be a family person out of all office tensions. This is what transforms your house to “home”. You may be rich enough to buy a house and furnish it well. But, to make the house complete, you need your family right!

Kid's Room

There exist at least few moments in life when we think “I want to be a kid!” True in fact. The best life, free from responsibilities and burdens. Well, getting to the point, many people crack their minds on how to design their children’s room. In the most productive age, the room should be as creative as possible to encourage them in versatile ways. The development of brain crop up in childhood. All the inclusions of the room should boost up their brains. Make is as  colorful  as possible, not weird of course! It helps them to keep their mind away from dull moods. Let the ceiling fan and walls of the room have the sketches of their  favorite  animae. Include the study table that is most compatible with them. Prefer an air conditioner to ensure comfort while doing their work. Coming to the bed, let it be of a cool design. Bed in the format of a car, house etc. are some suggestions. Have the matrices and pillows softer. Fill the room with toys and games that may require both physical


Imagination has no bounds. Let your feet touch the ground when your mind’s eye sees the sky. It is legitimate to fix your targets and aim high. But, it is not preferable to expect profligately from what you do. Yes! You do it, you do it to your full potential, have affirmative anticipation of the result of your hard work. You need to live in reality and budget yourself for it. Well, let’s get to a house you want to own in future. Every soul wants to live in a big and expensive house with marked interiors. And you plan your job and salary according to that. Life is not a bed of roses right! If anything goes wrong or out of way, it doesn’t stand on your path. You need to align yourself to the situations and behave accordingly. You may have to compromise on the type of dwelling you have to live in, but, it’s OK! It’s only for some time. All you need to keep in mind is sketch your budget wisely depending on the present situations not that of past and future. You could always find the h