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Rohan Akriti

Rohan Akriti Rohan Akriti Rohan Akriti is another disclosure on the Kanakapura Main Road; with stunning perspectives and world-class draftsmen effectively chipping away at this undertaking, one can vouch indeed that it will be an awesome task when it will be prepared for ownership by December 2019. The task will brag of different floor intends to suit one's needs. 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5 and 3BHK units to browse. The ranges of these units will differ from 551 – 1636 Sqft. Rohan Akriti will be a home that mixes nature flawlessly with the inside, giving a fix of imperativeness to every one of the inhabitants. The praiseworthy open space in Rohan Akriti will vitalize every single proprietor with a touch of freshness each morning. The insides are first class and the outline underscores on ideal usage of accessible space to make an extensive home be it a little, medium or a vast lodging unit. This innovative idea sets Rohan Akriti separated, from other private foundations. Luxuries a