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When The Night Returns...

May be officially called night owls, many people fall into the category of night life. A lazy and drowsy day goes by when we actually intend to sleep and try to open our eyes to little things like lunch and snacks. Being awake and totally “present” during the morning hours proves to be challenging. At times, falling asleep in the class is also a part of their curriculum. The day may start at time probably before 5 P.M or may not have ended since the previous night. Well, night lifers take their active side out when their loving hours of night return to them. They become the most active persons on earth. The pleasant moon gives them the sun light needed. They rise to the fullest potential and squeeze out the creativity of their brain to sort out the issues. Not lazy any more, the pending work gets accomplished in a very short span of time. Probably, night lifers encourage everyone to have a night life beyond sleeping. There exist also some scientific proofs that night lifers are

Teen's Room

Every parent is at an urge to provide the best to their children, both at the phases of childhood and teenage. Well, that’s absolutely fine. But, a small request to all the parents. You will have to keep in mind to provide what your children actually need. A post came up in the past dealing with all the requirements and facilities to be provided in your kid’s room. But let’s throw some light on how the room should be for your grown up kid to be a teen. Here you go. Get your teen’s room ready in the way that steals their heart. This could probably be the best present to your teen. The bed could be a simple one with a full foam mattress. The table should be a bigger one that can accommodate their personal computer or laptop along with a pen stand and other articles like books and stuff. A study lamp is a must. The room should painted with light and pleasant colours with one of the walls having an attractive design at the centre of which some space should be available for placi

Furniture Or Grass?

Having a dream house with elegant look is great. In fact every one wants to own a dream home and comfort themselves in it for the rest of their life. And people figure out a lot of complications to make their house seem awesome. Different appeals are tried out to make the house interesting and make it a good experience to the family. Besides all this, having good privacy in the house is equally important right! Most of the individuals prefer strangers and some guests not to enter their house as it may disturb their privacy or spoil the cleanliness. A small meeting room just before entering the hall is a great option. But, the lawn sitting arrangement is the trend now! A table with few chairs or benches around covered by temporary roofs is the arrangement being preferred for visitors now. The point of interest is that this furniture is not the typical type of furniture found inside the houses. All what you could see is a small place to sit and the rest is covered with greene

Life Span Booster

Too obsessed with “fitness”? Well, relax! Sit back and think for a little while... how many posts and news have you read regarding fitness, exercise, health, life span and stuff in the past one week? Surely, the number is pretty good with everyone. Not to worry, you are on the right track. The prime mandate of life is health and for that of health is fitness. I know everyone wants a longer life (Hey, I join the list too!) I heard many saying “keep yourself fit, it helps you live longer” But many never mind them, for everyone needs a ‘scientific proof’.       Fine then, it’s time for everyone to believe that. Scientists from University of Buffalo have come up with the result of their research in the dependence of exercise on lifespan. They put forth some exciting things that may tempt you to exercise. Well, it’s all the game of Dopamine besides the genetic factors. Dopamine, a hormone shows positive effect on life span and body weight of a human. Dopamine, mostly remembered as the

Is this happening at your home?

And finally the time has come for her to be accredited as a “successful home maker”. Yes, a successful daughter, wife and a mother in her long journey of 45 years till date. She started off with her BA literature, a degree considered a great one at those times. Well, that was her interest! Her parents and family was her hill of support and her fascination to the subject lead her to a success with 70% in her first and second years. Dreaming of a career in literary aspects, she wanted to pursue her masters in the same subject. How could everything be so simple in life? If everything goes by our aspiration, its happiness all over right! She had a speed breaker after her second year. The great eve of life, wedding! Her opinion was asked and a general answer “I will marry after my studies” was given. Of course, the reply also was a routine “you can do it after marriage”. Then was the time for her to keep quiet and accept the decisions that everyone around took for her. The silent g

TV in the house

Not a single house today can be found without a TV. Technology has shown its impact on the world. The prices of the early models have gone down to a considerable extent. Well, people started to agree that TV is a part of the list of necessities or comforts but not luxuries. You have one in your home right? Well, if you have more than one, it’s a matter to think about. There may be a plethora of reasons why you have purchased more than one TV. But, once they become a part of your house, they surely show an effect right! May be 2 televisions can be considered to be normal depending on the population of the house. If it’s a joint family, one TV may not meet the needs of everyone. But if it’s more than that or if you have more number of TVs’ being a small family, disadvantages are a complimentary! If you are rich enough to accommodate a TV in each room, it’s good. But, if that’s the case, everyone would prefer to sit in their own room with their own gadgets. If you live without any i

Gated Communities

Have you ever tried categorizing the houses? If we are to partly split the houses into two types, it could be gated communities which include houses of may be similar type grouped together and the other is ordinary ones which include independent houses, apartments and all other kinds. Well, it could be a personal opinion in making a choice in the above for you. But, if we are to compare all the aspects in facilities and comforts, we can come to a conclusion that gated communities serve good. Typically, land owners would prefer building an independent house in their land. Looking at the advantages of gated communities is surely going to change your mind. Not just independent houses, but apartments are also a part of some of the gated communities. City of Gold plan Good facilities of security are provided that may be expensive or unavailable in other houses. Traffic free surrounding inside the community allows a good play for children as well as a better walking zone for everyo

Study Room

Well, after a long tiring session of exams for about 10 days, I sat up today making a list of all the flaws in my study time and methods. Most of the time I spent bare was due to the reason that I was not interested to study. I tried taking my book to my friend’s room and it resulted in boosting my interest. Thinking to the base of the reason, I  realized  the culprit is my room. Not actually my room, it’s me! I have made the arrangement of my room and I am responsible for how it looks. How can I blame it? To the end of this thought process I was able to fill the gap between my room and my “study room”. Mine is a single hostel room which should serve all purposes. Some changes just during exams helps good enough. All you need to do is to make your room a place that urges you to study. Have a pile of books neatly arranged that are seen as soon as you enter the room. On the table, have some food and the books of your  favorite  subject. Have a rough notes open always. Beside you

Active Area

The present scenario of choosing a house to reside in includes the area of the house referred to in sqft. This includes the parking slot area and sometimes the common area too! It is preferable to have a house with decently good area, but is all the mentioned area of the house the active area? Is all this area personally available to you? Well, unfortunately the answer is NO. Active area is something that's not just owned by you and accessible but open to you. It is like the area you can move about, do your work, sit and walk around. I don’t think parking is open to you for all this. Well, I live in a hostel in which we are given a room of may be 7X10, but the active area is not even half of it! It has to accommodate the bed (3X6) and a table with a chair. It may sometimes feel miserable to have too little active area. Make a wise choice in opting your house with good active area and adorable arrangement of all your equipment. Check out the area of your dream houses.

Mood Charger

What is the feeling that strikes your mind as soon as you enter your home? A pleasant and relaxed one right! Well, here are few tips to improve your feel and serve as mood boosters. Let the representations of life, like few plants be a part of your drawing room. This helps to feel attached to nature. Aquariums also follow the path. Don’t let too much geometry to occupy the sight of your eyes. Let it be as simple as possible. Keeping away the curtains or preferably using transparent material for this purpose allows the entry of natural light into the room. Having a bit darker  colors  in your room is preferable. It is a known fact that  colors  have an effect on the state of human mind. Pink gives a cheering sense and blue clams down the mind. Let your home be lit with bright lights. Who would like to enter a dull or dim house with little light? Let your house not be a place of that type. After all, it’s your house and you need to stay in it for good amount of time. Let it be as

Kid's Room

There exist at least few moments in life when we think “I want to be a kid!” True in fact. The best life, free from responsibilities and burdens. Well, getting to the point, many people crack their minds on how to design their children’s room. In the most productive age, the room should be as creative as possible to encourage them in versatile ways. The development of brain crop up in childhood. All the inclusions of the room should boost up their brains. Make is as  colorful  as possible, not weird of course! It helps them to keep their mind away from dull moods. Let the ceiling fan and walls of the room have the sketches of their  favorite  animae. Include the study table that is most compatible with them. Prefer an air conditioner to ensure comfort while doing their work. Coming to the bed, let it be of a cool design. Bed in the format of a car, house etc. are some suggestions. Have the matrices and pillows softer. Fill the room with toys and games that may require both physical


Imagination has no bounds. Let your feet touch the ground when your mind’s eye sees the sky. It is legitimate to fix your targets and aim high. But, it is not preferable to expect profligately from what you do. Yes! You do it, you do it to your full potential, have affirmative anticipation of the result of your hard work. You need to live in reality and budget yourself for it. Well, let’s get to a house you want to own in future. Every soul wants to live in a big and expensive house with marked interiors. And you plan your job and salary according to that. Life is not a bed of roses right! If anything goes wrong or out of way, it doesn’t stand on your path. You need to align yourself to the situations and behave accordingly. You may have to compromise on the type of dwelling you have to live in, but, it’s OK! It’s only for some time. All you need to keep in mind is sketch your budget wisely depending on the present situations not that of past and future. You could always find the h