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Smart Phone

I have seen numerous articles on advantages of smart phone. Today, not having any work, I sat with my smart phone thinking of its use to me. Well, my mother gave a use “This is what you us to chat with people”. Of course, right! I just varied my thought to an alternate direction. Eventually I started smiling and ended up laughing. Want to know the reason? It’s the advantages of my smart phone! It is the best paper weight on my study table. This is what I do when I study and obviously this is what distracts me! If you are not at home or a long way off the mirror, your phone is your mirror. If you have a protective case for your phone, it is going to be a wallet too. Yes! I always place money in the phone case instead of carrying a purse. And this is why I spoil my phone case too! Another advantage with the case. If you are really angry, you have nothing around and have enough trust on your phone that it won’t break, you can show your anger on it. It can be used as a support for writ

Anger Room

A typical home consists of bed rooms, dining, kitchen, drawing room etc. Well, all these are sufficient to meet the regular necessities. Then why a concept of a room called anger room? We are common people and may not be able to control our anger sometimes. We don’t even know what is rolling out of our mouth at that time. Those words may be hurting for some. Some may even feel offended by them! To avoid such situations, please don’t get angry. Well, this is something not feasible right! This is the reason why an anger room is necessary. Whenever you get angry, just get out of the place and go to that room. And the room should be supporting. It should be sketched with some peace quotes, light and soothing colors and pleasant interiors. The room should allow you to do your favorite thing so that your blood pressure goes down. If you want to know the advantages, there are many. Firstly, the peace of your home is not disturbed. Your relationship with the people around is maintained. Y