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The Flaming Sun

We are facing the smoldering sun as peak temperatures have been attained in some locations. In my place, the temperature has cleared its current bound of about 50 degrees. Not just the sun tan but dehydration and heat strokes have become quite common. No one is willing to survive without an air conditioner at least for half of the day. So, you will surely be having air conditioners in every room or a centralized system. Well, it’s fine. People prefer to stay indoors during day time to protect themselves from the heat. But, have you ever thought why such situations are occurring? Don’t you think it’s just because of us? At least now, we can try not to worsen the situation. Use the air conditioners only when necessary. Use public transport which not only protects the environment from pollution but also you from the heat outside. It’s nothing but being a little Eco friendly. And not just that, you need good connectivity to public transport facilities. This would be very helpful. Do you

The Horticulture Show

       If you are a lover of nature or flowers, seeing the word horticulture flashes good imagination of beautiful plants and colorful flowers. Well, I visited a horticulture show in the morning, arranged by the Department of horticulture of the state government. The models of the equipment and arrangements for growing plants in green house as well as in pots were exhibited. In addition to this, volunteers over there helped the visitors to understand the techniques required to grow all types of plants at home. The extra ingredient required at home was a little compost. This show was accompanied by a mango festival. The smell itself attracted buyers! Moreover, they were organic fruits. Over there, techniques for growing organic fruits and vegetables at home were also explained.        If you own a house, you are not going to leave it without at least some plants right! Growing the plants using these horticulture and organic procedures will be a great one. Find the best practices fo

Bharatiya City Nikoo Homes Phase 2

Bharatiya City Nikoo Homes  Section: Residential  Property Type: Apartments  Units: 1 BHK, 2BHK 3 BHK  Absolute Units: 2415  Value: Rs.4600 to Rs.6500 per square feet Updated on April, 2015  Ownership Date: December 2016  Absolute Area: Spread on 125 sections of land of aggregate area range it has 10 towers of G+ 27 stories and 2415 units with high velocity web link procurement for every condo. It is a little paradise called "City of Joy" where you discover lodgings, Office Spaces, Hospitals, schools and some more.  Bhartiya City Nikoo Homes Description  The new private cum loft venture from the place of these engineers is called Nikoo Homes which are being produced as a universal city stage. The name Bhartiya Group is synonymous with top of the line manors and lofts which are created by necessities of clients. The organization has taught all the important civilities in the lofts which incorporate vitrified tiles, particular kitch