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Well, deciding to own a house and invest a ransom sum on it is not a small thing. Once you have already done that, you may have a whole lot of choices to make for the new house and the facilities you want from it. One of the major things is the number of bed rooms you want in your house. This would be the basic criterion when you start searching for a house as they are compartmentalized based on area and the number of bed rooms. Most popular are the 2BHK-4BHK. It’s like they cut down your choice to a very little number and you have to choose among the three or four alternatives available. I know it’s still difficult to do it. Just sit and think of the people going to stay in that house. If you are a sweet small family of 3-4 members, a 3BHK would do well with you. If you are a family with more than 4, you need to upgrade to a 4 or 5 BHK. If you feel you will always have guests at every point of time in the year, you need to have a bit of thought for them also!   If you make your

Brigade Exotica 3bhk 4bhk 5bhk

Brigade Exotica                   Brigade Exotica 3BHK,4BHK and 5BHK is intended to coddle the world resident and the worldwide Indian. Here, individuals from the diverse topographies and societies can exist together in supreme amicability. Pre launch Brigade Exotica  is the place the world meets as one major group.  At Brigade Exotica , living spaces unite into the porch, following that every condo has an one of a kind view, and does not confront some other flat.  Brigade Exotica – Amenities  Running Track  Swimming Pool  Billiards Table  Indoor Games  Exercise center  Badminton Court  Tennis Court  Ball Court  Brigade Exotica – Location Map  Brigade Exotica Brigade Exotica – Price, Options and Possession  Rate per Sq Ft  – 5090 Rs.  Booking Amount – Car Parking Charges or including auto stopping  BHK Options – 3 BHK, 4 BHK and 5BHK.  Size – 2640 Sq Ft to 4850 Sq Ft  Ownership : December 2016  Brigade Exoti