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Teen's Room

Every parent is at an urge to provide the best to their children, both at the phases of childhood and teenage. Well, that’s absolutely fine. But, a small request to all the parents. You will have to keep in mind to provide what your children actually need. A post came up in the past dealing with all the requirements and facilities to be provided in your kid’s room. But let’s throw some light on how the room should be for your grown up kid to be a teen. Here you go. Get your teen’s room ready in the way that steals their heart. This could probably be the best present to your teen. The bed could be a simple one with a full foam mattress. The table should be a bigger one that can accommodate their personal computer or laptop along with a pen stand and other articles like books and stuff. A study lamp is a must. The room should painted with light and pleasant colours with one of the walls having an attractive design at the centre of which some space should be available for placi


Have a keen interest in learning the subject of interiors? Bored by the look of your home? Want to make your home more interesting?  Well, here is the best opportunity to learn some amazing hacks and DIYs that assists you to sketch your interiors. It’s the LUXE Interiors program, an initiative by NDTV Good Times. With a successful completion of its first season, LUXE Interiors is into its second season hosted by Saket Sethi. The season is ready to grab your attention to their discussions of interiors and architecture. Travelling all over India, Luxe interiors team is going to explore some amazing and innovative constructions. The scope is extended to meeting those awesome brains behind the constructions. Now, its in your hand to watch the show and get to know the secrets of Indian architecture and designed interiors. It exposes you to expertise lessons in interior designing and helps you in giving a new look to your house. So, you are the designer of your house now! Holding an

Paint it

It’s been long since you got your house painted? Bought a new house? Well, this is going to be an important task to be accomplished. Once you are done with making the choice of the colors, you can go ahead! But, opting the colors is not going to be your left hand game. You should be willing to choose pleasant and light colors for the bed rooms. A bit of darker shade works fine with the drawing room. Are you planning out for plain walls? It is no more accepted a really good one! Get designed walls. Get sketched your favorite designs and let your house depict you. The drawing room can have some cool designs like a tree or few birds or a little scenery. Kids’ room would be good with some animals and a jungle look on the wall. You can have a concept of Valentine’s Day in your bed room. Kids’ room can also have some inspiring quotes outlined. Or you could try out this! Have a good photo of your family at the center of the wall and have some design around it that high lights the photo

Mood Charger

What is the feeling that strikes your mind as soon as you enter your home? A pleasant and relaxed one right! Well, here are few tips to improve your feel and serve as mood boosters. Let the representations of life, like few plants be a part of your drawing room. This helps to feel attached to nature. Aquariums also follow the path. Don’t let too much geometry to occupy the sight of your eyes. Let it be as simple as possible. Keeping away the curtains or preferably using transparent material for this purpose allows the entry of natural light into the room. Having a bit darker  colors  in your room is preferable. It is a known fact that  colors  have an effect on the state of human mind. Pink gives a cheering sense and blue clams down the mind. Let your home be lit with bright lights. Who would like to enter a dull or dim house with little light? Let your house not be a place of that type. After all, it’s your house and you need to stay in it for good amount of time. Let it be as