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Pokemon Go

Everyone obsessed with pokemon go! Holding their mobiles peeping into it and moving around. 20 years ago was the time when everyone used to stick to the TV for Pokemon. Niantic labs released this mobile game at the start of June, and it is creating miracles now! Yet released only in few countries, it is ready to extend its bounds world wide. Well, the idea is simple. All you need to do is to catch the virtual pokemons, train them, organise fights with other pokemons, exchange them with others. At the start, you need to create your avatar and go searching. All your real world travel simulations are shown in the game and the app makes use of the GPS tracking system on your mobile. This could be entitled the latest development in virtual reality. Of course, gamers from many other countries are installing the app on their mobile through the APK files available on the internet. As a word of caution, keep an eye on the malware or viral files that are intended to grab the personal data f