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Location - Bangalore

Bengaluru, Karnatakas state capital, is now recognised globally as s information technology (IT) capital. Situation in the states southeast, Bengaluru attracts immigrants in large numbers partly because of its benign climate, and partly because of human capital. The average low and average high temperature of Bengaluru are 15.4C and 36C, respectively. Earlier called  Bangalore , the city is known as the Garden City because of its wide streets and greenery. Bengaluru is also known as the Silicon Valley of India because of the intense clustering of Information Technology (IT) firms. Multinational enterprises and immigrants have been vital in the growth of the city. Real estate prices in Bengaluru have been rising over the past few decades. Various South n dynasties, the Mugs, the Marathas, Maharaja of  Mysore , and the British have ruled the city at various phases in its history. It was the capital of the State before Karnataka was formed in 1956.  Infrastructure s Kempe