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Gated Communities

Have you ever tried categorizing the houses? If we are to partly split the houses into two types, it could be gated communities which include houses of may be similar type grouped together and the other is ordinary ones which include independent houses, apartments and all other kinds. Well, it could be a personal opinion in making a choice in the above for you. But, if we are to compare all the aspects in facilities and comforts, we can come to a conclusion that gated communities serve good. Typically, land owners would prefer building an independent house in their land. Looking at the advantages of gated communities is surely going to change your mind. Not just independent houses, but apartments are also a part of some of the gated communities. City of Gold plan Good facilities of security are provided that may be expensive or unavailable in other houses. Traffic free surrounding inside the community allows a good play for children as well as a better walking zone for everyo


Always dreamt of a gigantic house to live in? Have a lump sum and want to own a house that depicts your status? Are you with a decently good salary and want to own a house for your joint family? Want to have a kind of farm house for recreational purposes? Well, if you are in agreement with any of the previously seen questions, the right and the best answer is a Villa. And if you choose to get into a villa, nothing sounds better than Puravankara Bird of Paradise. With an intention to reach the expectations and necessities of individuals, we present the pre-launch of Puravankara Bird of Paradise. With a whopping area of 3600 Sqft, Villas in it are planned with 5 bed rooms. Placed in one of the most convenient locations in Bangalore, each cost 230.04 Lakhs with is not considered expensive for the amenities provided. Amenities include open air theater, medical center, play school, walking paths and many more. The improving techniques of eco-guarding are no less. Rain water harvesting is

It's Bangalore!

On an argument with my sister few months ago, I was trying to emphasize the necessity of further studies after completing her B.E in C.S stream. But, she was least bothered to pin her ears back on me. Trying to figure out the reason, I asked her idea which heartened her to crave for a job but not M.S. Having got a placement in Bangalore with a decent package, she wanted to settle there. But, of course a common problem, her boy friend! Fortunately, her man too is placed there. What else could this be other than a chance to enjoy her life to the fullest? Bangalore, her favorite place for its cool climate is really exciting. And now, she is in the IT Company with her husband and a 2BHK apartment that accommodates their love. They are on the 16th floor and have to admit the prettiness of the place and the view from the window is awesome. Don’t you wish to spend at least some part of your life in such a lovely place?