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The Flaming Sun

We are facing the smoldering sun as peak temperatures have been attained in some locations. In my place, the temperature has cleared its current bound of about 50 degrees. Not just the sun tan but dehydration and heat strokes have become quite common. No one is willing to survive without an air conditioner at least for half of the day. So, you will surely be having air conditioners in every room or a centralized system. Well, it’s fine. People prefer to stay indoors during day time to protect themselves from the heat. But, have you ever thought why such situations are occurring? Don’t you think it’s just because of us? At least now, we can try not to worsen the situation. Use the air conditioners only when necessary. Use public transport which not only protects the environment from pollution but also you from the heat outside. It’s nothing but being a little Eco friendly. And not just that, you need good connectivity to public transport facilities. This would be very helpful. Do you

Be Eco-friendly

Have you ever posed a question to yourself “Am I eco-friendly?” Well, I don’t ask you to stop driving your vehicles and ban the play of current in your house. But, yes! You could surely contribute to nature with certain amendments to your home. How many units of power do you use at your home daily? It deeply exploits the nature during its production. It shoots your current bill too! We are making the Earth almost vacant with all the mining that we do. Future generation are under a threat already. Why not we shift our focus to sun? Well, the idea is to follow Modi ji and start employing solar power for our utilities. It is a field that is showing rapid betterment. Researchers are depositing their full efforts to improve the life span of the panels. If some part of your roof is covered with few panels, it’s not going to make much difference or disrupt you right! Not actually, it does make a difference. Most of the power consumed is from the solar source, which cuts down your power bi