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Teen's Room

Every parent is at an urge to provide the best to their children, both at the phases of childhood and teenage. Well, that’s absolutely fine. But, a small request to all the parents. You will have to keep in mind to provide what your children actually need. A post came up in the past dealing with all the requirements and facilities to be provided in your kid’s room. But let’s throw some light on how the room should be for your grown up kid to be a teen. Here you go. Get your teen’s room ready in the way that steals their heart. This could probably be the best present to your teen. The bed could be a simple one with a full foam mattress. The table should be a bigger one that can accommodate their personal computer or laptop along with a pen stand and other articles like books and stuff. A study lamp is a must. The room should painted with light and pleasant colours with one of the walls having an attractive design at the centre of which some space should be available for placi

Smart Phone

I have seen numerous articles on advantages of smart phone. Today, not having any work, I sat with my smart phone thinking of its use to me. Well, my mother gave a use “This is what you us to chat with people”. Of course, right! I just varied my thought to an alternate direction. Eventually I started smiling and ended up laughing. Want to know the reason? It’s the advantages of my smart phone! It is the best paper weight on my study table. This is what I do when I study and obviously this is what distracts me! If you are not at home or a long way off the mirror, your phone is your mirror. If you have a protective case for your phone, it is going to be a wallet too. Yes! I always place money in the phone case instead of carrying a purse. And this is why I spoil my phone case too! Another advantage with the case. If you are really angry, you have nothing around and have enough trust on your phone that it won’t break, you can show your anger on it. It can be used as a support for writ

Study Room

Well, after a long tiring session of exams for about 10 days, I sat up today making a list of all the flaws in my study time and methods. Most of the time I spent bare was due to the reason that I was not interested to study. I tried taking my book to my friend’s room and it resulted in boosting my interest. Thinking to the base of the reason, I  realized  the culprit is my room. Not actually my room, it’s me! I have made the arrangement of my room and I am responsible for how it looks. How can I blame it? To the end of this thought process I was able to fill the gap between my room and my “study room”. Mine is a single hostel room which should serve all purposes. Some changes just during exams helps good enough. All you need to do is to make your room a place that urges you to study. Have a pile of books neatly arranged that are seen as soon as you enter the room. On the table, have some food and the books of your  favorite  subject. Have a rough notes open always. Beside you

Kid's Room

There exist at least few moments in life when we think “I want to be a kid!” True in fact. The best life, free from responsibilities and burdens. Well, getting to the point, many people crack their minds on how to design their children’s room. In the most productive age, the room should be as creative as possible to encourage them in versatile ways. The development of brain crop up in childhood. All the inclusions of the room should boost up their brains. Make is as  colorful  as possible, not weird of course! It helps them to keep their mind away from dull moods. Let the ceiling fan and walls of the room have the sketches of their  favorite  animae. Include the study table that is most compatible with them. Prefer an air conditioner to ensure comfort while doing their work. Coming to the bed, let it be of a cool design. Bed in the format of a car, house etc. are some suggestions. Have the matrices and pillows softer. Fill the room with toys and games that may require both physical