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How COVID-19 has changed real estate marketing

 In the pre-COVID-19 days, real estate experts often used to make a point that virtual and augmented reality would never find any takers in this sector, because of the quantum of investment involved. The impact of Coronavirus on real estate has changed marketing in the industry upside down. Virtual site-visits, digitization and video walk-throughs are modern-day marketing terms that most of the real estate companies are riding on, to get the attention of prospective buyers. At the same time, buyers, many of whom are still scared to step out, are actively participating in the process, making these new forms of real estate marketing a massive success. Coronavirus prompts digitization of real estate marketing Social media comes to the rescue While the primary source of information for home buyers has changed to the internet over the past few years, many real estate firms still relied on full-page newspaper advertisements and hoardings. With the lockdown forcing people to stay at home and

What are reverse mortgage loan schemes?

 So as to help senior residents who own a home however don't have any desire to sell them, but, supplement their standard income, the administration of India has presented the 'Opposite Mortgage Scheme, 2008'. It causes the old to take advantage of the estimation of their private property while living in the house during their lifetime.  Despite the fact that these plans have to a great extent been a non-starter in India, in light of the ideas appended to property proprietorship, there are chances that the idea could increase some steam after the Coronavirus pandemic. In this unique circumstance, we would talk about the different benefits of the home buyback plot in India, while additionally taking a gander at the explanations behind its the absence of ubiquity.  Planning to buy property ? you can start searching and analyse the different properties available in different cities such as Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi and many more in  . It is a property

Vastu tips for office, to bring prosperity at work

 Individuals frequently attempt to ensure that their workplaces stick to Vastu Shastra rules, to introduce karma and fortune. From keeping up income to business dependability, it is accepted that Vastu can assume a function in all that you do in the workplace. Indeed, if appropriately followed, Vastu can likewise bring money related success and comprehensive prosperity at your working environment. To assist you with this, we dive into some significant Vastu rules that you can follow at your office.  Vastu tips for guest plan  Office astute guest plan  Business people ought to sit confronting the north, east or north-east, as these bearings are said to support development and fresh starts.  Individuals who are in showcasing or deals, should confront the north-east course, to guarantee proactiveness. They can likewise sit in a north-west course.  Record office authorities ought to sit in the south-eastern corner and should confront the north-east heading.  Guest plan for chiefs and propr

Trends that millennial home buyers are creating in real estate investment

 With India having a huge and developing populace of recent college grads, we take a gander at how their inclinations, which are unmistakably not the same as the past ages, will influence the realestate market.  In the course of the most recent couple of years, the realestate market has seen a progression of exceptional changes. One such turn of events, has been the dynamic inclusion of recent college grads in lodging venture. Their viewpoint and approach towards life, is somewhat unique in relation to the previous ages and they have concocted inventive approaches to put something aside for an up front installment. This move in socioeconomics is influencing the market.  Indian real estate industry to turn out to be third-biggest, worldwide  The realestate market holds impressive hugeness in the Indian economy. It contributed about 6%-7% to the Indian economy total national output (GDP) in 2017 and is relied upon to contribute about 13% by 2025. As per a report by KPMG, by 2030 the Indi

Stamp duty and registration charges in Bangalore

 Stamp obligation is a significant wellspring of income for state governments. It is an assessment the state government demands on buys, in view of the market estimation of a property. The assessment sum is income for the specialists and the returns go towards formative work. At the point when you purchase a property, you should enlist the proprietorship archives in government records as commanded by the Registration Act, 1908. You are likewise obligated to pay a specific level of the property cost towards such enrollment. These obligatory energizes add to the general expense of possessing a home in any city. The equivalent is valid for Bangalore. While trying to surrender a leg to the property market, the Karnataka government, in May 2020, cut stamp the stamp obligation Bangalore charges from 5% to 3%, for properties in the scope of Rs 21 lakhs to 35 lakhs. In 2019, stamp obligation was defended from 5% to 2%, for properties up to Rs 20 lakhs. To address the worries of the individuals

Impact of Coronavirus on Indian real estate

 While the unfriendly impacts of the pandemic are as of now being felt over the world, changing feelings are rising as for COVID-19's effect on the land area, a wellbeing crisis that has power propelled the greatest ever telecommute test universally, putting a question mark on the importance of workspaces in a post-Coronavirus world.  Much has changed since the Coronavirus hit the world in December 2019. In the midst of nations applying extraordinary measures to contain the pandemic, organizations went to a granulating end over the world, constraining money related offices to cut development conjectures for the worldwide economy, India notwithstanding. Projections by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) state India is going towards a memorable constriction of 4.5% in FY21, as an aftermath of the pandemic.  You can invest into the upcoming properties such as   Prestige Smart City Apartments . Except   Godrej Boulevard   Which is in Manjari, Pune. Opt for the ones which is best suit

Maharashtra self-redevelopment scheme: All you need to know about it

 In urban areas like Mumbai, land is exceptionally scant however the interest for lodging is developing ceaselessly. In addition, a portion of the structures in Mumbai and in different urban areas, have outlasted their valuable life and represent a hazard to the lives of the inhabitants. So as to take into account the expanded interest for lodging, with the additional target of supplanting the old structures, the administration has been advancing and controlling the redevelopment of existing properties.  The redevelopment of old structures has definitely changed the essence of Mumbai, over the most recent 25 years. The customary practice, is for redevelopment to be done through a designer, where the advantages of the extra floor space list (FSI) collecting to the structure, don't give to the individuals from the general public. In addition, numerous structures that went for redevelopment have been relinquished halfway by the manufacturers, leaving the first level proprietors abando

Is a gaothan property a safe investment bet?

There is a lot of disarray among home purchasers, concerning 'gaothan' properties in Maharashtra. A portion of the regularly posed inquiries regarding this matter include:  What is the significance of gaothan?  The Marathi word गावठाण is a blend of two words गाव and ठाण, with the principal word signifying 'town' and the subsequent signifying 'site'. The term is utilized to indicate territories in and around old towns in Maharashtra.  What is a gaothan property?  As per the Maharashtra Land Revenue Code, 1966, gaothans are land packages 'included inside the site of a town, town or city, as dictated by Section 122 of the Code'.  Due consideration must be paid to the way that it isn't only territories along the towns that fit the bill to be gaothans. Zones along towns and urban areas are likewise named gaothans across Maharashtra. In Mumbai, for instance, there are 52 BMC-perceived gaothans, as indicated in the Development Plan (DP) of 2034.  Likewise n

Everything real estate agents need to know about the RERA

Under the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act (RERA), which came into power on May 1, 2017, realtors should enlist themselves, to have the option to encourage an exchange. The representative fragment in India, is assessed to be a USD 4 billion industry, with an expected 5,00,000 to 9,00,000 intermediaries. In any case, it has generally been disorderly and unregulated.  In further developed markets, land representatives or specialists need to enlist, be checked and guaranteed, so as to encourage a land exchange. As India's land industry gets ready for expanded administrative carefulness, arranging this basic but then, generally ignored portion, in accordance with worldwide accepted procedures, is required. This will improve the general straightforwardness and responsibility in the area.  You can invest into the upcoming properties such as  Prestige S mart City Ittangur  and  Prestige Primrose Hills . All in Bangalore except  Godrej Rivergreens Boulevard . Opt for the ones w

Legal tips for buying agricultural land in India

Purchasing a farming area, rather than a standard plot, requires extra due persistence. We look at the things to keep an eye out for and the technique to utilize the land for non-rural purposes.  Purchasing a real estate parcel, for some, is the initial move towards building one's own home. Subsequently, affirm that the land has an unmistakable and attractive title, to abstain from falling into lawful issues. While purchasing farming area in India, one needs to affirm that there are no questions or lawful issues and the way toward enrolling must be sans bother. Strategies for purchasing rural land fluctuate from state to state.  In certain states like Telangana, anybody can purchase agrarian land, whether or not or not they are ranchers. Anyway in different states, similar to Karnataka, just enlisted ranchers or those from cultivating families can purchase agrarian land. Thusly, one ought to know about the standards in the state, before purchasing rural land. Given beneath are a po

How is money refunded when a property deal is cancelled

Property bargains need not generally come full circle in the execution and enlistment of an understanding. In some cases, the arrangement may not experience and might be surrendered mostly, after the installment of token cash or much after a portion of the installments have been made. The arrangement might be dropped by either the dealer or the purchaser, in any way, shape or form.  You can invest into the upcoming properties such as  Prestige Smart City Ittangur  and  Godrej Royale Woods Devanahalli . All in Bangalore except  Godrej Boulevard Manjari . Opt for the ones which is best suited for you. If there should be an occurrence of arrangements for the acquisition of any land, the purchaser for the most part pays some sum as token cash, when different terms and conditions for the exchange of the property are settled upon. The measure of token cash may differ, from being only a token to a generous level of the estimation of the property. On the off chance that the merchant eases off